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A young Kate Middleton and Prince William

Pippa Middleton Got Prince William and Kate Back Together

By danyellmarshall

Before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took over the headlines with their romance older brother William and his love life were the main tabloid fodder. Prince William and Kate Middleton have had just as fascinating and dramatic a love story as Harry and Meghan. At a few points they even split up and it wasn't clear if they'd be getting back together. Kate's younger sister Pippa played a hand in getting her sister back together with her future husband and the rest is history.

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Saucy Beginings

Prince William and Kate Middleton in black tie

The royal family is often thought of as prim and propper. Kate is certainly an elegant and sophisticated woman known for her beauty and grace. How Kate and Prince William became a couple may shock those who think of them as models of decorum. The pair met and became friends before they attended St. Andrews together. It was at college that William saw Kate at a charity fashion show wearing a sheer lace dress and black panties. The Prince was smitten.

A Whirlwind Relationship

Prince William and Kate middleton in black tie

Things apparently became very serious between William and Kate. The pair may have been young when they met but they became friends immediately and share many of the same interests. This was a recipe for things to get serious. The pair dated for years and even got close to each other's families. Every couple hits a few bumps in the road and William and Kate were no exception. The pair split up for a short time in 2004 before reconciling again.

A serious Rift

Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton

After William and Kate graduated from college in 2005 they seemed to be on the fast track to marriage but things between the couple began to cool. In 2006 they began spending less and less time together. William even canceled plans to spend the holidays with Kate and her family. He spent some time stationed away from London in 2007 and the distance proved to be too much for the young couple. William broke things off with Kate later that year.

Pippa's Role In Rekindling Things

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate took a trip to Ireland with her mother to take her mind off of the breakup but once she was back in London her younger sister took over the job of cheering Kate up. Like any good sister, Pippa couldn't just sit by and watch Kate mope over William. Pippa took her sister out on the town to live her best life. Kate was often photographed with Pippa looking fabulous and it once again caught William's attention. The pair eventually reunited.

Happily Ever Affter

Prince William and Kate Middleton on their weding day with their attendants

Many couples experience a few brief breakups and still go on to live happily ever after. This seems to be the case with William and Kate. After their break up and reunification, the pair were married in a beautiful and romantic royal wedding. They've since proved that they're every bit in love as they ever were. The couple have welcomed three beautiful children into their family. William and Kate boh seem overjoyed to be parents to such a beautiful young family.

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