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Prince William walking with Kate Middleton as she waves at onlookers

Pippa Middleton Was The Reason Prince William And Kate Reunited In 2007

Kensington Royal/Instagram
By Angelic Conoscere

In the present days Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be the picture perfect heirs to the throne. In practically all of their photos they look like a happy husband and wife along with their three children. However, the pair did not always have a smooth relationship, just as many couples they experienced a few breakups before tying the knot. Back in 2004, the couple went through their first breakup but they eventually reunited but a few years later in 2007 the two broke up again.

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Their Past

Prince Willam and Kate Middleton attending the BAFTA awards
Kensington Royal/Instagram

It has been reported that Prince Willam had ended the relationship with Middleton in 2007, which she had a difficult time coming to terms with. Middleton's younger sister, Pippa Middleton came to her aid her sister during this time of heartbreak. Thanks to the younger Middleton remaining by her older sisters side she is actually credited for helping with the pair getting back together. Many had expected that the couple would marry much earlier than their actual union in April of 2011.

College Graduates

Prince William and Kate Middleton petting a Koala
Kensington Royal/Instagram

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had graduated from college in 2005 and there was speculation around this time that Prince William would be proposing. However, their relationship shifted in a complete different direction. During the holiday season of the following year it was reported that Prince William had chose to step away from spending the holidays with Middleton and her family. A few months later in the Spring time the Duke was stationed outside of London which prevented the couple from seeing each other as frequently.

The Split

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Kensington Royal/Instagram

As many couple can attest to, distance can cause some strain on a relationship. The physical distance between the couple shifted emotions and Prince William ended the relationship. The split took a toll on Middleton and she decided to take off to Ireland to free her mind of the breakup. Once she returned she had to get accustomed to reality. It did not take long for her younger sister to move in with her which kept her mind busy and prevent her from over dwelling on the breakup.

Sister To The Rescue

Pippa Middleton smiling in a black dress
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The two sisters spent their time going out being photographed in eye catching clothing. It did not take long for Prince William to see the photographs of his ex with her sister enjoying themselves during their outings. Whether this was the younger sister's game plan it is unknown, but what is known is Prince William seemed to have regret breaking things off. The split only lasted for about 4 months and the pair reunited back together. However, it did take Prince William an additional 3 years before popping the question. Years later the couple remains as happy as can be as they raise their 3 children.

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