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WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 13 : Kim Kardashian speaks with President Donald J. Trump at an event on promoting second chance hiring to ensure Americans have opportunities to succeed after leaving prison in the East Room at the White House on Thursday, June 13, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Why Kim Kardashian's Attorney Says 'The Justice Project' Is Essential Viewing

Gettyimages | The Washington Post
By Alyssa McCraw

Kim Kardashian West has come a long way! She was slated for many years as just being "famous for being famous" - now, the wife, mother-of-four, beauty business mogul and aspiring attorney is using her power for the sake of criminal justice reform.

Her new two-hour special "Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project" premieres tonight, exactly one month since her second trip to The White House. Erin Haney, Kardashian's mentoring attorney, says the television event is a must-see.

“Oxygen did an incredible job of making these stories very compelling and yet also very accurate,” Haney told HollywoodLife.

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Kim Kardashian tweeted a photo alongside prisoners in April, after she "visited the "Correctional Treatment Facility in Washington D.C. to discuss the Georgetown Prison Scholars program with Dr @marcmhoward;" July, 2019.
Kim Kardashian West | Twitter

“Part of what you get when you watch something like this is they are riveting stories [that are] almost like a mystery. Because you’re starting with this headline and with this conviction that tells you that one thing happened. That there was a bad person, who did a bad thing, who is behind bars. That’s what justice would mean. 'The Justice Project' and Kim do a phenomenal job of taking that apart, piece by piece, and really deconstructing it so that you can see, well, wait a second, there is a lot more happening here.”

TODAY -- Pictured: Kim Kardashian West and Alice Johnson on Wednesday June 13, 2018.
Gettyimages | NBC

“Maybe the solution here, in terms of giving these people years behind bars, is not actually what justice looks like in their situation. It really is a counter-narrative to the number of crime shows that we see, to the number of headlines that we read.”

Kardashian has been an active force in the campaigning of criminal justice since 2018. It was then thought she caught wind of Alice Marie Johnson's story.

Johnson, a grandmother, was sentenced to life in a prison for a non-violent, drug-related offense. Kim's lobbying on her behalf resulted in the successful commuting of her sentence.

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 18: Kim Kardashian West and Jessica Jackson of 'The Justice Project' speak onstage during the 2020 Winter TCA Tour Day 12 at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena on January 18, 2020 in Pasadena, California.
Gettyimages | David Livingston

Her assistance in securing Johnson's newfound freedom led Kardashian to meet Haney in the first place. Haney's colleague Jessica Jackson also advises Kardashian, and it was the two lawyers' dual effort that inspired the reality star to pursue a new career in the first place.

"Kim gets, I would say, hundreds of thousands of letters from people in those dire circumstances,” Haney continued. “Many of them have incredibly painful and heartbreaking stories; really justifiable, merit-able claims for relief.”

One new case featured in "The Justice Project" is that of Dawn Jackson.

Kim Kardashian West on the steps of the White House, surrounding by both staff members and women she's helped free; March, 2020.

"During my early childhood," Dawn wrote to Kardashian, "I was sexually abused, intimidated and coerced by certain male family members." She adds that she was never given the help she needed. "That in and of itself is going to do something to somebody."

Dawn later pled guilty to murder and admitted to stealing money from her victim to buy drugs. However, Dawn's daughter says "this is the same man that touched my mom and hurt her and traumatized her."

After hearing the crime's context, Kardashian decided that - since "none of the circumstances that led [Dawn] to this place were ever presented in court,” Dawn Jackson was "improperly sentenced."

“She definitely should have gone to jail and spent time, but she should have had a fair trial with her circumstances presented.”

"Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project" premieres April 5th at 7pm EDT on Oxygen.

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