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Kenya Moore Opens Up and Reveals More Controlling Behavior from Marc Daly

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By Imani Ford

In a most recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya revealed even more about Marc’s controlling behavior. A few months ago Kenya released a statement announcing her divorce from Daly. What makes this situation more upsetting is that Kenya woke up to the news that her husband wanted a divorce via the internet. A few days ago, a clip from the latest episode of RHOA showed Moore going into depth about Daly’s controlling behavior. She goes into detail about his anger issues as well.

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Kenya Couldn’t Talk to Marc’s Family

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Some of the most revealing information was that Daly prohibited Moore from talking to his side of the family. She also went further in discussing issues about her failed marriage. After their separation, Moore had to ban Daly from entering her house, Moore Manor. This almost seems repetitive of Moore's past relationships. During season 9 of this hit series, fans saw Moore dealing with her aggressive ex Matt Jordan. Their relationship was known to be a toxic one to the point where Moore had to ban him from her Manor.

Kenya Was Unhappy Around Marc

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Most of Marc’s appearances on the show were always awkward and uncomfortable to watch. It's not surprising when Moore admitted that she found it difficult to be happy whenever Daly was around her. For fans, this was so obvious to see. When Moore and Daly threw a charity event, Daly seemed to have an issue with everything Moore did. When Moore attempted to mix and mingle as the hostess of the event, Daly questioned her on why she was leaving him at the table by himself.

Kenya Was Constantly Changing for Daly

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“One of my issues with him is not being able to just have a conversation without yelling or anger or crossing a line. I know it's not me” Moore explains. She then goes on to say how she’s always trying to change herself to satisfy Daly. That has been shown on RHOA plenty of times. One thing that the cast has discussed is how submissive Moore is to Daly. Some even consider it way too submissive. It’s also surprising because Moore has never been shy in expressing how she feels about anything. With Marc, she acts completely different.

Marc Shut Kenya Out of His Life

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Kenya then continues to say how Marc never wanted to talk to her about his family. “I just feel like it’s just always been this block up with him; not letting me completely into his life. It’s just a lot of things I felt I was in the dark about,” Kenya explains. On top of that, Moore explained how she caught Daly cheating on her. She then admits that she justs wants to do what's best for their daughter Brooklyn.

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