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Lady Gaga looks amazing as ever in this shimmery back dress.

The Truth Behind Lady Gaga’s Awkward Conversation With Jimmy Fallon Revealed

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By Favour

Since the pandemic struck the world, several live television outlets have had to stick to online representation and so far, it has been fun. Not that people don’t have to burn Wi-Fi for it, but at least they get entertained.

One of the television shows that have adopted this style to entertain viewers is a show run by Jimmy Fallon titled “The Tonight Present.” The live show host has been incredible for a long time and he is good at what he does.

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Lady Gaga looks amazing and full of energy on stage as she dawns in this black and green outfit with matching designers boot.
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However, what he does not take into consideration, is the weirdness that follows after someone who is supposed to be a guest on the show bails on his abruptly. Recently, fans were taken aback when Lady Gaga, who was supposed to be a guest on the show suddenly mentioned that she could no longer talk and cut the call. Yes, it was harsh and a number of reasons have been circulating the internet recently about the reason why she decided to bail, but non has stuck.

A lovely photo of Lady Gaga dressed in a Mercedes outfit as she performs on stage.
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During the online live show, Gaga seemed very distracted and weird and her body language suggested that she was not prepared for the show. She kept speaking to her assistants int he background and in no time, she mentioned that she could not speak properly and had to go off.

fans already knew that the singer was distracted, but they had no idea why she would decide to go off like that without any response from Fallon. Also, this made everything about the show weird for the host.

A lovely photo of Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga on stage and the crowd has their smartphones turned on video mode.
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While everyone has been wondering what was going on with the singer, a source finally put the rumors to rest with real reasons.

The source mentioned that after the weird interview, Gaga was not concerned about it. This is because she plans on using it as a yardstick when she comes on the show again.

Also, the source revealed that Gaga plans to laugh about the incident first, then reveal her plans for those who have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus.

Lady Gaga looks incredible as she poses in a laboratory filled with lest tubes.
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Another source also mentioned that the “A Star Is Born” actress has been enjoying her isolation time with her boyfriend, Michael Polanski. The duo have been spending a lot of time together and are getting to know each other better which is amazing news.

“They are really getting to know each other more and this has been a really nice test to their relationship, that they are embracing and learning from day by day.” The source told HollywoodLife.

Since Gaga plans on a comeback, fans are expecting one.

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