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The 'Love Is Blind' Cast Have Gotten Lots Of Flack, Here's How They Deal

Gettyimages | Rachel Luna
By Francesca O'Hern

Netflix's 'Love is Blind' is one of its most popular new shows to date. With the huge number of fans also comes a large faction of haters. As anyone in the public eye is aware, internet hate can be incredibly strong and hurtful from people who do not even know you. However, a few of the stars have spoken out about the mean messages they've received. Their responses have been both comforting and inspiring, and have given us some perspective on judging without actually knowing the whole story.

Giannina Gibelli

Giannina Gibelli/Instagram

Giannina Gibelli, who ended up with Damian Powers after the show, was known for being very blunt, loud, and passionate. She didn't shy away from confrontation, even in front of the other contestants. On her new podcast, 'Love in Sight', Gibelli addressed some of the online hate she's received, saying "I still get, 'You're toxic. You're a child. You're immature. You're bipolar. You don’t deserve him.'" She added that the haters don't know who she is as a whole person. "[W]hen people say, 'Oh, you suck,' or 'You're toxic,' it’s like, well, I can be. Obviously you can see that. I think we all can be if we’re put in random, extreme situations. But I also did a lot of introspective work within myself within that whole experience."

Diamond Jack

Diamond Jack/Instagram

Diamond Jack got engaged to Carlton Morton but their love did not last longer than a few days. When Morton came out to her as sexually fluid after keeping it from her, they had an explosive argument. "I’m getting 'homophobe,' 'biphobic.' Earlier, when it first came out, even some death threats," she told 'The Domenick Nati Show'. However, Jack insisted that the harsh words don't bother her-- she knows who she is. "Like I’ve said, I’m built from a strong cloth so those words don’t really hurt me honestly," she said.

Carlton Morton

Morton, the other half of the formerly toxic duo, has also been subjected to a lot of hate, he shared with Gibelli on 'Love in Sight'. "Really stayed in bed a lot this week because it was a really tough week for me. A lot of backlash from the show," he confessed. "People apparently think that I’m like a horrible person who hates women and that’s just not the case. So I’ve just been trying to do everything I can to protect my mental health at this point."

They're Not the Only Cast to Get Hate

Gettyimages | Lisa Lake

Rachel Lindsay, the former Bachelorette, made headlines when she spoke out about online harassment on this season of 'The Bachelor's 'Women Tell All' special. She read some of the hateful messages that contestants on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor' had received. They included death threats, sexual harassment, and racist slurs. This disturbing segment was uncomfortable to watch, but it needed to be said: Online harassment, or any harassment for that matter, is never OK. Hopefully, the more people that speak out about this online bullying, the less it will happen.

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