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Was Matt Pokora's Post About Christina Milian and Daughter Racially Insensitive?

Instagram | Christina Milian
By Desmund Ullrich

This past January, Christina Milian and Matt Pokora became the parents of Isaiah Pokora, the first child of Pokora and second child of Milian who previously had Violet Madison Nash with singer Terius Youngdell Nash, better known as The-Dream.

While some may assume that Pokora is new to the dad scene, he has been in Violet Madison's life full time since 2017. The ten-year-old daughter of Christina Milian makes frequent guest appearances on Pokora's Instagram profile, but one fan was quick to call him 'racially insensitive' after his most recent story.

Instagram | Violet Madison

Aside from fatherhood, many also assume that Matt Pokora is new to fame but he is well-known on the European circuit. The singer-songwriter hails from Strasbourg, France and has a long list of accolades and a much higher net worth than either other co-parents in Violet Madison's life. He shows his love and support by showcasing her rap skills whenever she feels up to putting on a show. So what did he do to get his 'dadstagram' post so much hate?

Gettyimages | SMXRF/Star Max

Matt Pokora made the mistake of poking fun at his live-in dependents' new hair style which prompted a fan to take to Twitter to bring a whole brigade knocking at the Milian-Pokora door. There has been no response from Christina Milian, The-Dream, nor Matt Pokora in regards to the tweet.

The tweet, originally written in Pokora's native French, translated to, 'The remark of Matt Pokora touches me seriously, the number of mockeries that I underwent in primary [school] because of my hairstyles...Whether from children or adults.'

Instagram | Matt Pokora

While we all must remain sensitive to the experiences of others, Pokora's post does not seem to be racially motivated. The post itself shows the 'virus' emoji, popularized during our global pandemic, with an arrow pointing to Violet Madison's hair in the African derived style known as 'Bantu knots' while Pokora laughed in the background.

The post was part of Pokora's Instagram story, while we all know that IG stories only last for a twenty-four hour period some media sources are claiming that he 'deleted the video'.

Instagram | Christina Milian

The family has since lived on in their normal lives, or as normal as they can live during our current lockdown. Milian, Pokora, Violet Madison, and baby Isaiah were spotted sporting medical-grade face masks while at a local farmer's market early Saturday morning.

Matt has also posted a video of his family doing the 'Tootsie Slide Challenge' that is currently taking TikTok by storm. As for Violet Madison, she's front and center and seems to be living on just fine from the incident which she was probably not aware of in the slightest.

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