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Here's How Khloé Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Are Celebrating True's Birthday

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By Francesca O'Hern

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have certainly had more than their fair share of conflict during their on-again, off-again relationship. Inarguably the best thing to come out of their relationship has been their daughter, True Thompson. In true Kardashian fashion, her mother spared no expense for her first birthday party. Things are different now, with the relationship between Thompson's parents in a state of flux and the novel coronavirus preventing any sort of gathering. Here is how Kardashian and Tristan are planning on making their daughter's birthday special this year.

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What Exactly Is Going On?

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Kardashian and Tristan are reportedly quarantining together, but no one knows whether that's for the sake of their daughter, or if something romantic is going on between them. Although the pair have had a rocky relationship pretty much since the beginning, the last straw came when Tristan was caught flirting with and kissing Jordyn Woods, one of Kardashian's sister's (Kylie Jenner) best friends. Since then, Kardashian has supposedly moved on, but the relationship between the two has been a bit awkward.

The Family's Feelings Are Mixed


Different family members seem to have had different reactions to Tristan and Kardashian's relationship, with some more friendly than others. Many members of the family openly want the two to reconcile and get back together. Kim Kardashian West has even invited Thompson out to lunch and to "hang out". However, Scott Disick, Kardashian's pseudo-brother in law, has expressed his distaste for any sort of reunion. A source close to Disick told 'OK!' Magazine, "He thinks Tristan is bad news and fears he hasn’t changed at all. Scott loves Khloe as if she were his own sister — that’s why he’s begging her to be careful around Tristan. It would kill him to see her hurt again."

How Is Kardashian Making True's Birthday Special?

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Anyone who knows anything about Khloé Kardashian knows that True Thompson is her pride and joy. So although circumstances are making it difficult to go all out, Kardashian is going to make sure that True knows just how loved she is on her second birthday, which falls on April 12th. "Khloe will go out of her way to make True’s birthday as special for her as possible despite not being able to throw her a huge party like she did last year," a source told 'Hollywood Life'.

Here's How The Celebration Will Happen

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

"Khloe is coordinating a time for the whole family to get on Zoom so they can all sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to True and celebrate in any way they can," the source continued. "They’re making the best of the situation and it is what it is. Regardless of what’s going on, Khloe feels blessed that her family has their health and they’ll make True’s birthday special no matter what." Luckily, True is not quite old enough to miss a huge party, but Kardashian will still likely throw a big bash for True's second birthday once it's safe.

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