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A Newly Single Aaron Carter Shows Off His 'Toys' On Instagram

Instagram | Aaron Carter
By Desmund Ullrich

It is hard to believe what actually happened between Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin, when every headline surrounding the once child star reads like a tabloid cover.

After years of mysterious behavior, Carter suddenly had a girlfriend and was semi-normal. While many fans called out Martin as a 'fake' Instagram model, it seemed as if she was here to stay. Then, their relationship came to a sudden end after reports that Melanie Martin was arrested for felony domestic violence with a bail set at $50,000.

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Aaron Says She Broke The Dog's Leg

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg

In an effort to clear his name and confirm the incident, Carter took to Twitter with a series of tweets that gave us fragments of his story. He accused Martin of "putting her hands on" him after he caught her cheating and broke up with her. He also claimed that Martin had broken her dog’s leg during the incident and tagged PETA in a few posts.

Melanie Martin has a different recollection entirely, reporting that she woke up next to her ex at 5:00 AM after he had been snooping through her phone.

Melanie Says He Over Reacted To Jealousy

Instagram | Aaron Carter

While Carter may have thought Martin was cheating, according to the IG girl herself, he had misread a conversation between her and a male stylist. Though Carter is "very controlling and jealous," in the words of Martin, this incident pushed the boundaries as he began to throw her expensive clothes into a pool from his second-story window.

While Martin sticks by her claims that she did nothing, Carter was covered with scratches when the cops arrived and she was arrested on the spot. She has since posted bail and layered up.

Aaron Carter Is Different On Every Platform

Instagram | Aaron Carter

It's hard to say if Aaron Carter is phased by the event when his life is always a mixed message. While he seems to be living his best life on Instagram, his Twitter account is a spiral of pain as a result of his fallout with Melanie Martin.

"[S]till very sad. I give my all and these scorned women take advantage and heinous lies are made after to make themselves not look like f— abusers," he responded to a fan who told him he was "free'.

He's Making Some Changes 'Again'

Instagram | Aaron Carter

With Melanie Martin out of the picture, Carter is making some serious changes again. He updated the names of his profiles and changed the OnlyFans that he previously shared with Martin, which he explained to fans in a hopeful update.

Most recently, Carter posed with his new customized 'toy', a Honda TRX 450 four-wheeler which he named 'Beyoncé'. Seems as if Aaron Carter is now just focusing on his music, social isolation with some beautiful scenery, and living his best life.

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