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Ryan Reynolds Talks About Late Father's Pneumonia Death

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By Adreon Patterson

Ryan Reynolds spoke out about the death of his father Jim on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'.

Reynolds' dad died in 2015, but he was used his father's death to emphasize just how serious the coronavirus could be to even those considered the strongest person out there.

Being a cop and boxer, Jim was described as a "tough, tough man." Reynolds took a moment to call out those who are not taking the pneumonia risks of the COVID-19 outbreak seriously.


"I talked to somebody the other day. It was shocking to me because they sort of said that, they sort of felt like it's pneumonia. 'Oh this coronavirus, it causes pneumonia, and pnuemonia is not that big a deal,'" the actor stated. "But I can kind of speak to that."

He continued, "But I'll tell ya what killed [my dad], pneumonia. Pneumonia got him in the end. Pneumonia is very serious. It can take out the toughest of us, and it certainly got my dad."

The 'Deadpool' actor added, "So coronavirus is a serious thing. I keep seeing people - particularly young people - talk about it like it's not really their problem. And, my God, it's their problem."

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He continued to emphasize the seriousness of the pandemic.

The Canadian actor stated, "There are some beloved people who have compromised immune issues. There's elderly people that are beloved, not just loved in show business, but in life, too. We've got to do all we can. So yeah, scary times. But we're going to get through this somehow."

Reynolds telling about his father Jim's death struck a chord with viewers. Many decided to reach out threw the YouTube comments to send condolences as well as share their own brushes with the disease.

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"Anyone that thinks pneumonia isn't a scary thing hasn't had pneumonia," a commenter wrote. "Imagine drowning from the inside, but... not quite. You can get in some air, just not enough air. shudder"

"Our intensive care unit has 8 young previously fit non smoking, no underlying health issues, non obese young guys on ventilators fighting for their lives," one commenter wrote. "This disease does not just attack granny and grandpa. My mom got pneumonia which resulted in heart problems leading to a blood clot. Leading to gangrene in both feet. She died Mothering Sunday. Enough. We have all had enough."

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"I have never felt for Ryan Reynolds more than when he's talking about his dad," a third commenter wrote.

"I don't know why but I found the story about his Dad using a chainsaw with late stage Parkinson disease absolutely hilarious," another fan wrote.

"How to tell someone's never had pneumonia: 'It's not that bad,'" another YouTuber wrote. "I had it once as a teen, it destroyed me. I don't remember much from that period of my life, besides watching a lot of Knight Rider... and golf because it was the only thing on."

"Pneumonia got my dad as well. Way before Corona," another Late Show viewer wrote.

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Other commenters took the time to praise the actor in general, including the charitable donations he is making to help those affected the most by the process.

"Unlike a lot of Hollywood stars Ryan and Blake really are doing their bit," an admirer wrote.

"If you did not like RR before now this just cements his niceness," another wrote. "Great Canadian representative. Funny, kind and educated. That is not saying all Canadians are like RR, we have assholes here as well. But at least we apologize for them."

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