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Kate Beckinsale Drunk-Cleaning Her Kitchen In A Sheer Tank Approaches 1 Million Views

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale fully admitted there was no chance she was sober this weekend as a video of her cleaning her kitchen counters racked up over 830,000 views. The 46-year-old actress has been making headlines galore as she social distances with her Instagram-adored cats and dogs – a very revealing outdoor yoga session featuring barking dogs and the "Underworld" star's mind-blowing flexibility was more than noticed, currently sitting at 1 million views.

Saturday saw the British beauty deliver her trademark humor while in quarantine. Instagram was absolutely loving it.

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Class Clown Takes On New Meaning

Kate Beckinsale in her kitchen
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate's video (seen below) showed her in her pristine white kitchen. The brunette was in an upbeat mood and singing along to Chas & Dave song's "Rabbit" as she delivered a clown vibe from white face-paint – the unusual makeup also coordinated with the "Pearl Harbor" actress' sheer white tank top. The muscle-flaunting shirt did, however, stay safe as Kate wore a Nike sports bra underneath.

Seen with childlike hair tied up into bun knots and ensuring that her cat also received attention, the star happily kept her counters clean with a cloth.

"We are all slowly losing our minds lol," the post's caption read.

Top Comment Asks: 'Any Chance' She Was Sober

Kate Beckinsale poses in a bikini
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Alongside inching its way towards 1 million views, Kate's post brought in a giant wave of comments. Shooting right to the top was a query over how sober the actress might have been during the video.

"Any chance you were sober in the making of this," the fan asked.

"Alas no. Possibly a vitamin D3 pellet," Kate replied.

Known for her infectiously-funny and often-goofy videos, Kate also saw fans probe her over how "quarantine"-related the content was – "This isn't even quarantine induced behavior, is it?" one asked.

"Honestly, not really," Kate confessed.

Called Out By Garbage Man, Replied

Kate Beckinsale flips the bird
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate made headlines towards the end of March for a series of photos showing her giving the global pandemic the middle finger. While the vibe proved welcome as the actress posed in front of a mirror while flipping the bird, a comment coming in appeared to call Kate out on her relatively-luxurious situation as a celebrity – a garbage collector had responded stating that they had no choice but to work.

"I am a garbage man we have to work," they wrote.

"Another hero. Thank you so much and please stay safe. Xs," Kate replied.

Marking Tough Times, It Isn't All Backyard Yoga

Kate Beckinsale poses
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

A more serious post from the star was shared on March 17.

"In these horrid uncertain times with everyone trying to look after themselves, so many of my dearest English friends have independently of each other offered to help my mum. None of them live nearby and all of them are among the best and kindest people in the world with their own families and responsibilities and fears," Kate wrote, adding:

"Within all the terror is the absolute grace of kindness. Let’s all pass it on any way we can. It’s the light in the dark. I love you people xxx"

Kate has 4.1 million Instagram followers. For more from her, give her account a follow.

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