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How Andy Buckley's Day Job Helped Him Get On 'The Office'

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Brian Morales

'The Office' is just one of those shows that has boosted the careers of pretty much everyone involved. From Steve Carell, to Rainn Wilson. Many of the stars became huge after 'The Office' Even though the show ended a couple of years ago, these actors remain in the spotlight.

Which brings us to our next topic, how exactly did these stars get onto the show? The answer for Andy Buckley, the star behind David Wallace on the show, will definitely surprise you.

Buckley's Character On 'The Office'

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David Wallace was in charge of Michael Scott, and all the other branches of Dunder Mifflin as the chief financial officer, before losing his job and starting his own company , which didn't really pan out so well (sorry for the spoilers).

His main presence on the show was to illuminate Michael Scott's hilarious, and inappropriate antics with his corporate, and very professional demeanor.

Believe it or not, Andy Buckley didn't stray too far from his character on the show in real life.

Actors From Corporate America

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Andy Buckley was actually working as a stock broker before getting his chance at the role. Buckley had tampered with theater and acting, before giving up and becoming a broker. A few years later someone called him up about the role.

The idea of Buckley being from corporate America was discussed on a recent episode of 'Office Ladies'; a podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer (who plays Pam on the show), and Angela Kinsley (who plays Angela), where the duo discuss each episode of the show with their own input.

The Audition

Unsplash | Tiziano Brignoli

On the podcast, Buckley spoke to Jenna and Angela about the audition process, and how Michael Schur was in the room throughout it:

"I do the first scene and then the second scene. And Michael said ‘Now, you’re like some kind of financial guy’ right?'” revealed the actor. Kinsey added, “Now, knowing Mike the way we know Mike he loved that. I know that he loved that. That you were actually working at Merrill Lynch was actually probably one of the coolest things to him."

Buckley's Run On The Show


Buckley continued on, "I figured that’s why I got hired." Come the next morning, Buckley got a call saying that he had successfully gotten the role. He was not entirely sure if he would continue to be on the show after his first appearance, but luckily for him, Buckley appeared in another 30 episodes.

It wasn't until the last season of 'The Office' that Buckley actually left Merrill Lynch. Buckley is now acting full time, now is what we call a career turnaround!

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