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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 28: Hailey Baldwin is seen on February 28, 2020 in New York City.

Hailey Bieber Says the 'Simple & Small' Things Curb Her Anxiety

Gettyimages | Adrian Edwards
By Alyssa McCraw

No trouble in paradise over here!

Hailey Bieber and husbeaux Justin Bieber are safely quarantined at their Canadian home, and it turns out that they, too, are bored out of their minds.

The happy couple recently hopped on Instagram Live to take fan questions. It was then where wifey Hailey explained that this time of solitude has helped her learn to appreciate "the simple and small things in life that really do make [her] happy."

"I thought I was going to have a lot of anxiety through this process," Mrs. Biebs said Friday.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber share a snuggle in a pre-quarantine pic; March, 2020.
Justin Bieber | Facebook

"And there has been some. But it’s also really shown me that the simplicity in life and kind of dialing everything back has made me so happy.”

Being that 2020 has already been a busy year for both Biebers, Hailey said the unexpected break has been good for her wellbeing.

"I've been happier than I felt in months just from being able to be low-key and just hang, and not have things on a schedule. I feel really reconnected with myself and that’s unexpectedly made me really happy.”

Hailey Bieber stuns in a low-cut, black-sequined blazer in January 2020.
Hailey Bieber | Facebook

Around six months after her courthouse wedding to Justin in September 2018, Hailey spoke to Glamour about her recent struggles with anxiety. The now 23-year-old model explained that - when it comes to fame - everything is not as it seems (forgive the inadvertent Selena Gomez reference!).

"I think there's been this stigma around it for so long. People look at celebrities who are famous or successful and think they have it all together. Like, they have such an insane career, or they make so much money, that they should be happy. But it's really kind of the opposite."

A long-haired Hailey Bieber shares a selfie in a mirror; December, 2019.
Hailey Bieber | Facebook

Hailey further explained that "there was a time in the industry when it was negative to talk about that kind of stuff."

"People would ask me, 'How are you?' and I'd be like, 'I'm fine; I'm good.' But really, I'd be crying in my hotel room all night. You just have to be honest that life sucks sometimes. It's hard. Things are difficult. I just think the more we are open about it, the more we can help people find solutions."

AUSTRALIA - 2016/12/05: Model Hailey Baldwin (R) meets fans following the launch of her signature cosmetics collection with brand ModelCo and beauty retailer Mecca Maxima in Sydney.
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It seems Hailey did her homework - she went on to provide a statistic that many young adult men and women "have their anxiety peak between 18 and 25." She added that "social media, work pressure, and school pressure" only exacerbates the issue.

"I would tell everyone that lots of people don't really look like what they do on social media." Pretty big statement coming from a supermodel! After a face-to-face meeting, she says, "it's like, 'you're still really pretty, it's just not what you look like online.' People are out there catfishing for sure. It's just the truth. Social media is so 'show your best, hide the rest.'"

Deffo something to chew on!

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