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Here's What Zac Efron Had To Say About His Fitness Level In 'Baywatch'

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By Savannah Pointer

Actor Zac Efron has noted in at least two interviews that he feels his fitness level in the movie “Bay Watch” was “just stupid” and said that he felt it was just too much.

While being interviewed on the show “Hot Ones” Efron ate spicy wings and told host Sean Evans about working out with professional athletes, and what his regimen was like getting ready for the beach movie:

“That was actually a really important time to do Baywatch because I realized that when I was done with that movie, I don’t ever want to be in that good of shape again. Really. It was so hard,” Efron admitted.

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Efron Called The Fitness Level ‘Stupid’


“You’re working with almost no wiggle room, right?” Efton said. “You’ve got things like water under your skin that you’re worrying about, making your six-pack into a four-pack. S--- like that it’s just not … it’s just stupid.”

The star did admit though that he was glad he did it and under the right circumstances he would do again. “I’m happy that it worked, I’m happy that it got me through it. I may do it again if it was something worthwhile but we’ll wait till it gets to that,” the 32-year-old said. “I’m good. Take care of your heart, take care of your brain and you’re good.”

Efron Has Been Highly Successful


Since the early 2000s Efron has been considered a highly sought-after actor since his breakout role on “High School Musical” (and the subsequent sequels) where he played the lead role.

Since that time the actor has played alongside such A-listers as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hugh Jackman, Taylor Swift, Seth Rogan, John Travolta and Queen Latifah, among others.

Early in his career, he had small appearances in several loved shows, including CSI: Miami, NCIS and The guardian, but it was his Disney hit that made him a household name.

Efron Talked Fitness With Ellen


Efron didn’t only talk about fitness when he was eating wings though. In May of 2019 the movie star first criticized his look in “Baywatch” while being interviewed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The actor was faced with a wax figure of himself while on the show and asked what he thought of it: “Whoa, oh whoa,” Efron said after seeing the statue for the first time. "Weird — whoever did this, I’m very impressed and scared.” “They did a good job. It’s a little bigger than me,” he added.

The Actor Said The Statue Was Unrealistic


“Look at the vein right there,” DeGeneres then said as she pointed to the wax figure’s torso.“That’s real,” Efron said and lifted his shirt to show the host and her audience.

However, the actor said of his wax look alike that, “That’s too big. For guys, that’s unrealistic,” referring to the statue, which was modeled after his look in “Baywatch.”

"I’m telling you, I got very big and buff for that movie. But I don’t want people to think that’s the best way to be. Be your size,” he says, again to the applause of the crowd. “I don’t want to glamorize this,” he added.

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