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Hailey Bieber walking down a flight of stairs.

Hailey Baldwin Is Reportedly Feeling 'Happier' During Coronavirus Quarantine

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By Allie Elaine

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is reportedly feeling the happiest that she has "in months" while in quarantine with husband Justin Bieber. The pair has decided to self-isolate at their home in Ontario, Canada. On Friday, the couple took part in an Instagram Live session in order to answer some questions from their fans. While chatting, Baldwin credited the quarantine for teaching her how to "appreciate the small things" and those that make her truly happy. Baldwin herself was surprised by her feelings.

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Instagram

"I thought I was going to have a lot of anxiety through this process and there has been some. But it’s also really shown me that the simplicity in life and kind of dialing everything back has made me so happy," she explained. "I’ve been happier than I felt in months just from being able to be low-key and just hang, and not have things on a schedule. I feel really reconnected with myself and that’s unexpectedly made me really happy."

Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Instagram

While it is nice to see that Baldwin, who has been open about her struggles with anxiety before, is doing well amidst all of the chaos, she also took a moment to recognize the privilege that both her and her husband have access to.

"We have a place out here and we’re super lucky we have a lot of space to kind of just walk around and move around. I swear I feel like I’ve gotten so much more done in this quarantine than I have in life a year," she acknowledged.

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Baldwin also gave fans an inside look as to how the famous couple is spending their time indoors, explaining that she is getting more done then ever before.

"Books I said I was going to read, shows I said I was going to get to, calls with people that I said I’d get to and make," she started. "It’s like you have no choice but to get the things done that you put to the side."

Baldwin also hinted that she was going to be releasing a skincare in the future.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Instagram

"My mom and my grandma have taken really good care of their skin, they taught me the importance of skincare. It’s all about how you eat, how you take care of it [your skin] — there will be some things in the future from me that have to do with skincare," she said.

Bieber and Baldwin also took a moment to express their gratitude toward the healthcare providers that are on the frontline's of COVOID-19. "Hailey and I had this thought to thank hospital staff and all the people working in this time putting themselves on the line to help people," Bieber said in the post.

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