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Kerry Washington & Joshua Jackson Meet For Fireside Chat

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By Lacretia Roberts

'Little Fires Everywhere' is causing quite a stir. The series is stirring up conversations about motherhood and adoption after recent episodes.

As the developments surrounding Bebe and Rosemarie's predicament progress, blind spots are being exposed for both Mia and Elena with regard to the various situations surrounding Pearl and each of Elena's four kids.

The show is also stirring up conversations about marriage and the dynamic of relationships that hold secrets and lies big enough to uproot them.

After episode five aired this week, viewers learned that Elena's perfect persona has a few weak spots.

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While on her quest to discover Mia's secrets, she has in turn exposed her own as well as the flaws that lie in her marriage to Bill.

Joining Kerry to talk about it all is Joshua Jackson, who has his own perspectives on things.

Kerry opens explaining how her and her team were dying to work with Jackson on the Little Fires project.

He expressed that he has never before been on a project where so much of the executive and creative structure of the show was female.

@kerrywashington | Instagram

"Because of that perspective, when I read the script, there was a reverse in the polarity between the typical gender roles of male and female."

Kerry urged him to explain the premise of his comment further.

Typically, Jackson explained, men play the role of lead in the household while a woman cheers him on, strokes his ego and supports him.

**"We get to sit on the couch and hold our purses, and worry about you,"**Kerry Emphasized.

Jackson explained that is was interesting to be on the reverse side of that.

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**"So tell me a little bit about the unique challenges of your relationship with Reese's character,"**Kerry probed next.

Men and women reach a very recognizable point in their relationship where they feel they have stayed true to the path and done everything exactly like they were supposed to, like checked boxes complete with kids, a white picket fence, cozy job and country club membership, Jackson explained.

**"I think that those unwritten agreements, inside of a relationship, are incredibly toxic,"**he expressed.

Elena and Bill are drifting further and further apart.

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The characters feel as if they have made sacrifices for one another's vision of things that they may not have truly wanted for themselves.

The pair discussed how the roles that Bill and Elena are portraying clash with their authentic selves.

**"And it's much simpler to just accept other people's ideas of what you should want and I think that's kind of where Bill and Elena are,"**Jackson emphasized.

Jackson went on to discuss how he wants the show to provoke conversations around the Venn Diagram of power, race and gender, which is at the very center of the show.

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