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Jed Duggar signing papers

Jed Duggar Is Running for Office but People Are Questioning His Judgment

Jed Duggar | Instagram
By A. Elise

When Jed Duggar got his own Instagram account, many followers believed he would be announcing a courtship soon. Many did not expect that he was preparing his social media accounts so that he could run for office in Arkansas. Specifically, he is running for Arkansas State Representative in district 89.

While Jed might feel that his religious conviction is pushing him to pursue a political role, there are many people paying attention to his campaign that believe he may be lacking the judgment to be a leader.

Jed Duggar and brother holding stickers
Jed Duggar | Instagram

For instance, Jed and sister Jana were both photographed cleaning up after a tornado struck Jonesboro, Arkansas. The gesture, while kind and helpful, had a lot of people criticizing the family's social distancing practices.

Many people have also noticed that the family frequently steps in to provide assistance, but they don't necessarily provide the most efficient help. For instance, some have questioned the training and skills of the Duggar children who try to help. Others have discussed the fact that they often do not wear the proper safety gear or clothing when they show up to help.

Jed Duggar with family members
Jed Duggar | Instgram

The photo ops have also prompted people to speak out. Instagram user thisgeminilife wrote, "When y'all went to the Bahamas to help with the hurricane clean-up, there was a group photo taken and everyone was smiling as if something wonderful had just happened. Please consider the context of the situation when having your photo taken."

Additionally, the trip to the Bahamas resulted in more controversy. The family's organization was allegedly taking over supplies. Many people expressed the sentiment that the family's presence was a photo op and that they were doing more harm than good.

Jed Duggar speaking with man at desk
Jed Duggar | Instagram

As far as his campaign goes, Jed has made it clear that his platform is based on the idea of "conservative values first." Some people familiar with the family's show Counting On have discussed how out of touch the Duggars are with most of the world.

For example, the Duggar children rarely live outside of the family home until they are married. That means a Duggar son could run for office while still sleeping in bunk beds, never having paid taxes, and never having experienced the trials and tribulations that come with adult living. Some people on Instagram have also pointed out that Jed is not even allowed to go out on a date without a sibling chaperoning him.

Jed and Jinger Duggar
Jed Duggar | Instagram

Jed's opponent is Megan Godrey. Godfrey's resume is much longer than Jed's. She has received recognition and awards from several local organizations and was also a public school teacher. On Instagram, several people have pointed out that Jed lacks the education and experience Godfrey has.

Jed is not the first Duggar with political aspirations. For three years, family patriarch Jim Bob was an Arkansas House of Representatives. He sought a U.S. senate seat in 2002 but failed to secure a spot in the primary. In 2006, he failed to secure a nomination for Arkansas State Senate.

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