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Marlo Hampton at an event for Rolling Stone Magazine

'RHOA' Marlo Hampton Claims NeNe Leakes Will 'Chew Kenya Moore’s Head Off'

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By Kay Lewis

Just because the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion has been pushed back it doesn’t mean the women are slowing down the threats and insults towards one another. There are currently several off-camera dramas taking place with the most prominent being the mess between NeNe Leakes and Eva Marcille. Fans have watched as they hurl insults at one another on social media. Another popular drama is the one between Kenya Moore and Tanya Sam and of course who can forget all the shade that Leakes has been throwing at Moore?

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Hampton giving tour of her home

Now, Marlo Hampton, friend of the show is stirring up a little more drama. While doing an interview with “”, Hampton shared a few juicy details about what fans can expect from the reunion. This is a huge deal because this season of the Atlanta housewives has been an absolute mess. There have been non-stop fights, shade after shade after shade and of course a trip from hell. The reunion is normally where fans get to see the women answer hard-hitting questions and call one another out to their faces.

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While it is somewhat in Limbo about how the reunion will go, Hampton felt no way sharing predictions with her fans. "It's going to be epic,” said Hampton who goes on to say, “even though it's on hold right now, stay tuned because it's going to be amazing. We have a lot of musical chairs with friendships.” Musical chairs with friendships, makes it seem like the women who were friends on the show, may not necessarily be friends by the time the reunion airs. It isn’t hard to believe that seeing as some have already chosen sides based on their social media posts.

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Hampton went on to share that she knows one thing for sure, Leakes and Moore will have it out one way or another. "I’m just gonna tell you my predictions. I think NeNe and Kenya are going to get into it.” She even suggests that Moore might get hands put on her. NeNe will chew Kenya’s head off and spit it in the trash, and I will be on the sidelines with rhinestone pom poms.” Hampton was laughing when she made these comments but judging by Leakes past and her temper fans shouldn’t be surprised if a fight breaks out.

Hampton posing for a photo

Leakes came on the show this season with an attitude. Also, who will ever forget that horrendous closet fight last season where a very pregnant Porsha Williams accused Leakes of attempting to attack her and other cast members and the production crew? Hampton also predicted Cynthia Bailey and Moore will also exchange words. Bailey is pretty annoyed that Moore tried to ruin her engagement party. “I see Kenya and Cynthia getting into it. And I think this time Cynthia’s not gonna let her off easy. I don’t know why, I just feel that she’s been letting her off the hook so much this season.” Agreed! Moore has tried to throw Bailey under the bus a few times. One of those times was just a few episodes ago when Moore tried to make it look like Bailey knew nothing about wine which makes it look like she thinks Bailey should not have a wine business. What kind of friend is that?

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