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Tyler Cameron Reveals Relationship Status With Hannah Brown After She Leaves Quarantine Crew

Hannah Brown / Instagram
By Natalie Hunter

Bachelor Nation has been hopeful that former 'Bachelorette' stars Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown spent their time in quarantine with The Quarantine Crew getting back together. Unfortunately, according to HollywoodLife, Cameron claims that he and Brown are just great friends. Brown and Cameron spent their quarantine together after she came down to Jupiter, Florida to support Cameron after his mother passed away. The two stayed in a house with a group of friends who spend their days uploading TikTok videos to their Quarantine Crew account.

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Giphy | The Bachelorette

A fan shared a Zoom session that Cameron had with fans.

“Tyler giving us the tea on Hannah B and Gigi,” the video was labeled.

“The tea is we are friends, she’s a good friend,” Cameron said of Brown crushing the hearts of Bachelor Nation. Fans were also wondering if there was any chance that Cameron and ex Gigi Hadid would rekindle heir romance.

“What about my girl Gigi [Hadid]?” one fan asked.

“She’s a good girl. She’s dating her old man now,” Tyler revealed.

Giphy | The Bachelorette

Brown and Cameron met on her season of 'The Bachelorette.' Brown felt immediate chemistry with him and he ended up making it quite far in the competition. After she denied him a night of love making in the fantasy and brought him to the final two, she rejected his proposal for Jed Wyatt's. After Wyatt proved himself to be a player and Brown dumped him, fans pushed for Cameron and Brown to date. Despite the attempt, the two did not get back together.

Giphy | The Bachelorette

Cameron's call on their relationship status comes after Brown and her friend Marshall decided to call it quits on the Quarantine Crew.

“Breezy is back in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her and Marshall drove home late last night," friend Matt James shared on Instagram. "They want to ride this thing out with their families. In the meantime, please continue to share information with us on how we can allocate resources and information to service our students, not only in New York, but all across the country, and that would be via our page ABC Food Tours.”

Giphy | The Bachelorette

While Cameron and Brown aren't together after spending all of this time together, it doesn't mean it's impossible. One source thinks they may have a chance.

“They have a lot of love for each other," the source told Us Weekly in March. "They’re great friends and have a lot of fun together. It’s as simple as that. It’s been a hectic year for them both. And they finally found some time in their schedules to connect. Guys and girls can be friends without it being romantic. Could something happen down the line? Sure.”

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