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The adult Duggar daughters pose with theri younger siblings

The Duggar Daughters: Influencer Deals May Be Their Shot At Freedom

By danyellmarshall

The Duggar family have been under a lot of scrutiny for the conservative way they run their family. Even their adult children seem to be controlled by their parents' wishes. Some of the older children seem to be branching out and embracing modern culture more and more. Many find the Duggar daughters' social media advertising distasteful as they seem to adhere to their parents' discriminatory politics. Some argue that the girls are under their father's financial control and only freedom would allow them to disavow the hate.

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Under Mom And Dad's Thumb

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jim Bob and his wife Michelle Duggar have long been criticized for the way they raise their children. When it comes to their daughters' many fans feel that the family's patriarch is exerting far too much control over his adult children. Duggar girls are discouraged from going to college or forming careers of their own. They're expected to dedicate their lives to their future husbands and children. This means that the girls have very little power over their own lives.

Jim Bob Collects The Checks

The Duggar family gathered at Jim Bob and Michelle's house

Derick Dillard caused a massive rift in the family and a buzz among Duggar fans when he alleged that Jim Bob has been collecting the checks for his Daughters' TLD show Counting On. The show clearly showcases his adult children and follows their lives. It's was even branded with two of his daughters' names, Jill and Jessa. If Jim Bob is collecting the payments for the show and negotiating contracts on behalf of his daughters it would be very inappropriate.

Social Media Influencers

Duggar daughters and their sister in laws pose for maternity shoot

Many of the adult Duggar daughters have been focusing on building large and devoted social media followings. It's clear the girls have goals for these accounts. Most have been posting ads for brands that they've entered into influencer agreements with. These arrangements can be very lucrative to influencers with large followings. The Duggar women could be forming a strategy to become financially independent through their social media advertising contracts. It's not an uncommon way to make an income these days.

Critics Of Duggar Politics

The Duggar Family eating Thanksgiving dinner together

Many have been vocally critical of the Duggar family's conservative politics. The family often speaks out against basic human rights for groups of people that their religion condemns. Because of the discrimination, they promote the adult Duggar daughters have lost multiple influencer deals. When critics speak out to the brands the Duggars work with they brands often back out of influencer agreements in order to avoid association with hateful politics. While their critics have solid points many worry about the girls' freedom.

Ticket To Freedom

The DUggar family in front of their Arkansas home
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It's suspected among fans that many of the adult Duggar children may be far more liberal than they let on in their public lives and social media presence. Jinger Duggar, in particular, seems to be becoming more and more open-minded. Some suspect that Jim Bob's control over the girls' financial lives means that they just appear to adhere to his beliefs or lose out on their livelihood. This situation forces the girls into an uncomfortable situation that financial freedom could eliminate.

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