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Lauren Duggar

Fans Think These 'Counting On' Stars Are Not Social-Distancing

Lauren Duggar | Instagra
By Ivy Pope

One 'Counting On' member has been gaining negative press as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Everyone, everywhere, is social distancing, quarantining and self-isolating. However some of the Duggar's seem to be ignoring guidelines, even when there's precious lives on the line, not only in their family, but in everyone else's too. Lauren Duggar is one such 'Counting On' star.

But before we dive too far down the rabbit hole, let's talk about the Duggars that are social distancing from each other, and everyone else.

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Lauren Duggar
Lauren Duggar | Instagram

The first name on the list is Jessa Duggar, who has no reason to really go around Jim Bob and Michelle, because she's recently decided to be a rebel. She's self-isolating with her husband and her children. The pandemic gave her a great excuse to avoid her family, on top of the fact she's rebelling against all the strict rules the family follows.

Jessa, however, is being criticized for not 'disinfecting things' that are around her children, but hey! Let the girl try.

Lauren Duggar
Lauren Duggar | Instagram

She's trying her best, and that's really all anyone can do right now, is attempt to stay home and do what they can.

The video that went up to cause all of the controversy surrounding Lauren and Josiah Duggar, is a "family night" video. Lauren is sitting next to Kendra Caldwell and a ton of people are walking around the room; eighteen if the fans counted right. And they were all ignoring how close they were to one another.

Sure, some of those people are members of the family, but others were not recognized by fans. Fans were extremely critical.

Lauren Duggar
Lauren Duggar | Instagram

“Why do they think it’s funny to put everyone at risk? And who is that couple there?,” asked a fan, while another mentioned: “I thought that gatherings of more than 10 people were forbidden in the US.”

The Duggars live in Arkansas, which has not yet issued a stay-at-home order, and fans were wondering if maybe this was why they were holding a party.

Lauren is not the only person who's faced critics in the past week. They've also wondered about her husband, Josiah Duggar.

Lauren Duggar
Lauren Duggar | Instagram

Most of the men in the Duggar family work at Jim Bob's many businesses, but Josiah does not. 'Counting On' fans have zero idea what Josiah actually does, and they're asking.

“Josiah is always on social media during the day just hanging out. Another non-working Duggar couple. How nice life must be,” a fan commented, and another stated, trying to be a bit more optimistic, “I think he was working at Josh’s dealership… But that got shutdown so who knows.”

Months ago, Homeland Security raided the dealership that Josh Duggar worked at, and there is no further information on why the dealership was raided or what. Which that basically means, if Josiah worked there, he is out of a job.

Talk about bills was raised, and fans deduced that Jim Bob probably gives Josiah an allowance, which might be keeping them afloat. Of course, there have been so comments about the rumors.

Josiah and Lauren give fans updates on their daughter often, and their most recent one reads: “These 4 months with Bella have been the absolute sweetest! This little angel greets everyone she meets with the biggest smile. We love this little girl to pieces and feel so blessed to be her parents! God is so good!”

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