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Selena's Bipolar! And The Therapy That Helped Her...

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Rima Pundir

Selena Gomez was adorable during her Disney days, though she has certainly come a long way from there. Her relationship with Justin Bieber also kept her in the news, as did her on-and-off friendship with Taylor Swift. Then she declared she had lupus and even underwent a kidney transplant, suffering quite a health scare for a while, slowly getting back to health. Relationship with The Weeknd happened before going poof, so Gomez has had to consult the professionals to keep her mental balance fit as well...

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Being A Childhood Star Gave Her Stage Fright

Selena Gomez / Instagram

Being a child star is never easy. And you will barely find a child actor or teen sensation who has not struggled with the sudden onset of fame and the disruption of normal life that comes with it all. Selena Gomez struggled with stage fright and panic attacks all through, though not one could look at her performance and say the same. The seeds for therapy were set and Gomez has always been vocal about her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Her Love Affairs Gave Her Further angst

Selena Gomez / Instagram

Love has been a bit elusive for this diva too. She got into a relationship with Justin Bieber pretty quick, whilst both were too young to actually handle a relationship. The duo blew hot and cold, separated and got back together and finally split for good. Bieber married Hailey Baldwin and seems to be having the time of his life as a husband, while Selena Gomez dated The Weeknd but ended up splitting soon after. This too, added to her stress and anxiety levels.

Lupus Also Comes With Depression & Anxiety

Selena Gomez / Instagram

In 2015, Selena Gomez told the world about her lupus diagnosis, and all the symptoms it comes with. Along with chronic fatigue, and inexplicable fevers, lupus also causes depression and anxiety, along with a host of other mental issues. Though she was getting by, the need for a kidney transplant and the eventual surgery really pulled her down, physically and mentally, and she turned to therapy to help her coast through the tough times. Today, Gomez swears by Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

She Is Bipolar Too!

Selena Gomez / Instagram

Other than staying and home, cooking and uploading "cheesy" pictures of herself on Instagram, Selena Gomez talks openly about her therapy. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was introduced by Marsha Linehan in the '80s, aimed to treat those with Borderline Personality Disorder. Since Selena Gomez shared her Bipolar Disorder diagnosis with Miley Cyrus, it makes sense why this therapy worked wonders for her, and the reason why she swears by its efficacy. Of course, her recent diagnosis may need her to alter her therapy, something time will tell.

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