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Did All Of Tom Hanks Kids Follow His Career Path?

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Rima Pundir

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have recovered from Coronavirus, and the world seems to be all right again, even though the pandemic rages on. But let's talk about better things, like family. Specifically, Tom Hanks' family, his wife Rita Wilson and his four children. What is it like to be the son, or daughter, of the nicest man on the planet? The one who gatecrashes park weddings and makes unforgettable moments all the more special? Let's take a peek into the Hanx...

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Hanks Began Acting In Plays Before Movies

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Tom Hanks didn't jump into the movies straight on. At first, he began to appear in plays, where his acting talent shone even when the spotlight was not on him. By then, he had a son, Colin Hanks, also an actor, with this then-girlfriend Samantha Lewes. Another four years down the line and the duo also had a daughter, Elizabeth Hanks who has also appeared in movies like 'Forest Gump' and 'That Thing You Do' with her father though she has been low-key.

Marriage, Divorce & Then Marriage Again

Tom Hanks / Instagram

Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks divorced by 1987, and Hanks felt terrible about played the cliched dad-from-a-distance role in his kids' life. By 1988, Hanks And Wilson had not only found each and fallen in love but also managed to get married in April. With Rita, Tom Hanks had two more children, sons Truman and Chester. So how have the children of this father of four fared, considering they have one of the coolest men on their planet to call dad?

Colin, Elizabeth & Truman Are Settled

Colin Hanks / Instagram

Colin Hanks may not be his dad's level when it comes to acting, but he has been seen in plenty of roles. The most memorable role of his has to be that of Travis Marshal, as a villain in the hit TV series 'Dexter'. Elizabeth Hanks has been a low-key actress but seems settled in her life. Truman Hanks has also found his calling as one that resides behind the camera as a production assistant. So three of Hanks' children are okay, but what about the fourth one?

Chester Hanks Has Struggled A Bit

Chet Hanks / Instagram

Unlike his other three siblings, Chester Hanks, or Chet Haze, has struggled to find himself. While he has dabbled in acting; drugs and addiction were his mainstays, as was acting out a lot during his teens, something he calls his way of not being to accept his father's fame and standing. For a while, things really did seem dark for the Hanx with Chester managing to do something rather uncool every few days. However, things finally seem to be looking up for Chet, and his family. And that some good news for the Hanx...

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