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Meghan Never Thought Too Highly Of Kate Middleton, Or So Sources Say

Gettyimages | Laurence Griffiths
By Rima Pundir

Finally, Meghan Markle is no longer a royal, and neither is her husband, Prince Harry, even though he has royal blood running through his veins. The days of laughing and bonding with Kate Middleton are long past. Recent photos of the two showed Kate Middleton looking strained, and Meghan Markle trying to put her best face forward. Markle was simply trying to make the best of an uncomfortable situation. No love is lost between the two anymore, and sources say that Markle never really held Kate in too high an esteem.

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Kate Middleton Was Icy At Westminister Abbey

Gettyimages | PHIL HARRIS

At the last public appearance of all the Royals together, at Westminister Abbey, Kate Middleton was icy cold with not just Meghan Markle but with Prince Harry as well. Forget pleasantries, she did not even deign to look at the couple, though Prince William loosened up enough to greet his brother and his sister-in-law. While Prince William and Kate Middleton may not be happy about Meghxit, they need not have made their displeasure this clear with their behaviour at Westminister Abbey.

According To Sources, Meghan Feels Kate Is Too Uptight

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Forget hugs, even warm greetings are not the norm when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, something Meghan Markle finds very strange about the Royal Family in general. Even during Meghan's last official visit to the UK, after which she was no longer an official member of the royal family, there was no warm send-off. In fact, there was no warmth, period and this made the erstwhile Duke and Duchess of Sussex feel even more strongly about their decision to lead a life more ordinary.

There Are Others Who Feel The Same About Kate

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Tragically, Princess Diana was not around to see her boys become men, and get married to start families of their own. However, Debbie Frank, who used to be Princess Diana's astrologer also made the observation that Kate Middleton really needed to loosen up some. She felt Meghan Markle was far more like her mother-in-law, a "firecracker of a girl". Kate, on the other hand, was far more careful and cautious about everything and needed to relax a bit to enjoy her life more.

Kate's Classmates Begs To Differ Though

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Kate's classmate, Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, who attended Marlborough College with her and Pippa Middleton, thinks it to be a very wrong perception. She found Kate to be one normal and nice girl and has said so repeatedly. Montefiore said, “Kate was ordinary, hard-working, athletic, and easy-going. Media depictions swing between a snooty Sloane and a dastardly commoner. Both are wrong.” Maybe Meghan Markle should listen up, or just maybe, Kate Middleton changed once she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Who knows the truth but Kate and Meghan?

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