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Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift: The Feud Continues

By danyellmarshall

The feud between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian is one of the most prominent in the last ten years. The pair have been fighting since Kim's husband Kanye West interrupted Taylor's 2006 VMA acceptance speech. Kim later leaked part of a phone call between Taylor and Kanye. The call was to discuss Kanye's track "Famous" which called Taylor a foul word. Kanye claimed Taylor signed off on the expletive but she said it was a nasty surprise. The feud may be getting even hotter.

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The Truth Comes Out

Kim Kardashian in a gold dress

It's recently been revealed that Taylor Swift had been telling the truth about the contents of the partially leaked phone call all along. The entire tape was recently released. In it, Kanye is never heard discussing the use of foul language. Taylor even explicitly states she's glad the rapper wasn't planning to use the exact word in question. It's clear now that Kim and Kanye not only lied but bullied Taylor Swift afterward. The only question that remains is who leaked the phone call.

Kourtney Implicated

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The rumor mill has been working overtime to try and discover just who leaked the phone call in its entirety. Some have suspected it may have been Kris Jenner looking to capitalize on some press. Others think it may have been someone else. Since Kim and her sister, Kourtney, have ignited their own feud many have begun to suspect that Kourtney may be the one that leaked the call. There is no proof as to who leaked the incriminating evidence.

Kim's Response

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Kim Kardashian's response to the latest on the feud has been less than stellar. To date, the reality star has not taken ownership of the contents of the call nor has she offered Swift an apology. The only response Kim has posted was terse and freed her of any responsibility. Kim has said that she believes Taylor leaked the call herself. She even went on to deny that anyone had ever claimed Taylor knew about the explicit language in "Famous".

Fans Speak Out

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As to be expected, fans are eating up the drama on Twitter. Many fans of Taylor Swift have taken to the platform to speak out in her defense and tell Kim exactly what they think of her lies. Many have called for the reality star to apologize and called her a "Disgusting woman". One user said Kim "Should be ashamed of herself". Many have called her a hypocrite. Kim has said she was over it and wouldn't speak out again but she continues to comment on the feud.

Possible Legal Consequences

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As the decade long feud continues Kim could be facing a lot more than just social media backlash. According to California state Law Taylor Swift has some options to get real justice if she chose to take them. The pop star has the option to press charges for multiple offenses. Kim and Kanye committed defamation of character when they lied about the contents of that infamous phone call. The couple could also face charges o wiretapping for recording the call without consent.

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