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Nurses gloves and 'thank you' sign

Much Appreciation is Being Shown to Nurses, Doctors, and First Responders

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By Robert Safir

In the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, much appreciation is being shown to nurses, doctors, and first responders.

The biggest story of the day is how Jimmy Kimmel, along with Jennifer Aniston, gave $10K worth of Postmates food deliveries to nurse Kimball Fairbanks and her fellow workers at a Utah-based hospital. It would be very hard to top that one, but people are certainly trying.

The evening news covers some of these stories, but there are likely many, many similar stories going on behind the scenes.

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Encouraging Signs

Girl with 'Thank You' sign
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For a while it seemed as if the important people on the front lines were not being noticed, let alone appreciated, by the public at large while we all go through the coronavirus pandemic together.

Things are changing everywhere as people become more aware just how much our healthcare workers are putting themselves on the line – and risking their own lives at the same time.

In Auburn, Alabama, you could see a series of signs thanking first responders that were posted on utility poles, brightening the dreary day for the people that saw them.

"The coronavirus pandemic has turned lives upside down," Fire Chief Stephen Coleman said, "so the signs mean even more now."

Equipment, Food, and PPE

Two people in Personal Protection Equipment
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In Northboro, Massachusetts, the Fire Department has been getting a lot of support with equipment and food. They have also received PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as Tyvek suites, gloves, and face shields. “We have some pretty amazing community partners,” the department wrote on Facebook. “In Northboro, the many town departments have been coordinating the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An inspirational message was displayed in the yard at the Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee, Florida on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The message, reading ‘Heroes Work Here,’ supports first responders and health care workers dealing with the Coronavirus Epidemic.

Simultaneous Applause and Cheering

Cheering from balconies
Gettyimages | LWA/Dann Tardif

One of the most encouraging and exciting things to see is how New Yorkers leaned out of their windows and from their balconies and applauded first responders, nurses, doctors, and others in the healthcare field. The applause was coordinated to begin all over the city at 7 p.m. and it lasted for several minutes.

The clapping was promoted through social media and encouraged the folks of New York to use #clapbecausewecare to share their support. The video spread to major broadcasting networks such as ABC Television in New York City and it was a sight to behold.

More Ways to Help

Donating food
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Similar events occurred in other cities such as Boston, MA. But some gestures are even more specific, providing healthcare workers and first responders with tangible benefits. Here are some of the things people can do – and you can too, if you like:

Order food for local healthcare teams

Donate to charities and organizations that are providing helpful resources to hospitals

Offer to help with childcare and their pets

Keep donating blood

Self-quarantine—regardless of how healthy you may feel

Don’t buy unnecessary supplies

Be vigilant with acknowledging and thanking healthcare professionals

And don’t forget, a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way.

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