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Big Ed

Big Ed's Shock at Rosemarie's Home on '90 Day Fiance' Frustrates Viewers

Big Ed | Instagram
By A. Elise

Big Ed was a fan favorite in the first few episodes of '90 Day Fiance,' but things are changing. The more time Ed spends with Rose in the Philippines, the more people suspect he may not have an accurate concept of Rose's life. After seeing a clip of Big Ed's reaction to Rose's home, many viewers are unhappy with the larger-than-life cast member.

People began to have mixed feelings about Ed when they learned he had a daughter who was older than his girlfriend. Big Ed also revealed that he had been unfaithful in his marriage, resulting in its end.

Big Ed with Entertainment Tonight host
Big Ed | Instagram

Next, Big Ed began to press Rose about her past, and she was not willing to talk about it. He was adamant that she tell him about her previous boyfriends, and he believed she was hiding something from him. Many viewers believed that Rose may have had something negative happen in her history, and she was reluctant to share this with a man she had just met.

Then, Ed pressed Rose to take an STD test. He also made it clear he was not interested in taking one in the Philippines with her.

Big Ed with H3 podcast hosts
Big Ed | Instagram

Later, Ed tried to patch things up. He asked Rose for a kiss, and viewers felt that Rose was absolutely not interested. Then, they were shocked when Big Ed asked Rose to shave her legs. She didn't seem excited by the idea.

In next week's episode, viewers can expect to see Big Ed visit Rose's home, which she shares with her family. The couple is currently staying in a Manila, but Rose lives in a much more rural part of the country.

Big Ed holding dog
Big Ed | Instagram

Big Ed will have a significant reaction to seeing how Rose lives. If the fact that she did not have pajamas surprised him, Big Ed is likely to be blown away by the actual living conditions of many people in Rose's circumstances.

First, the family home is attached to a store run by the family. Second, the house does not have windows but is rather completely open to the outside world. On the show, Big Ed says, "I expected it to be pretty bad, but this is really bad."

Big Ed holding camera
Big Ed | Instagram

Some fans were upset that Big Ed didn't seem to understand how much the family had gone out of their way to welcome him. It reminded some viewers of a cast member from several seasons ago, Larry, who was disgusted by the meal his girlfriend's family served him.

Big Ed clearly still has some fans, and many appreciate the fact that he is trying. Others call out Ed for not realizing the kind of circumstances in which his girlfriend is living. Many wonder how he could have gone so long without realizing this.

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