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Jennifer Aniston

Bored and Thinking of Dying Your Hair? Jennifer Aniston's Colorist has Tips

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire
By Tia Kitchens

With the recent pandemic of COVID-19 happening many people are starting to grow bored in their homes. It's been a few weeks after all and some of us are starting to feel a little stir crazy. And what is one thing that we all have, or well most of us have? Hair. And what do bored people want to do with their hair? Change it.

Which seems to be a trend as Miley Cyrus just gave her boyfriend a haircut. But what about the people at home?

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Jennifer Aniston
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Well going to the salon is out right now. So Jennifer Aniston's hair stylist is here to help those in need. Michael Canalé is Aniston's colorist and wants people to know what to do in times like this.

In a recent interview, he has said he is sending out VIP hair kits to celebrities that work with him so they can do root touch-ups with his guidance. That is actually really smart to have done. Sounds tricky but we hope he's guiding them over facetime.


For those who can't get the VIP treatment, he has words to help us out. Here is his advice for people. “Use semi-permanent for the time being, until the salons are open again. Get rid of the gray, play around with some red tones, have some fun with it knowing it’s not permanent.”

He also states that root touchup sprays do a great job if you are wanting to hide the grey. It won't be as good as your salon quality but it will work for right now.

Jennifer Aniston
Gettyimages | David Livingston

Aniston hasn't always been the one to just let her hair be though. Unlike now she used to be one that washed her hair daily. It seems that since she has grown she has moved away from that. She recently said, “If I’m working then I usually do wash it, because it has to have continuity, but if I’m not working I try to give my hair a break for as many days as possible.”

It makes sense when it comes down to it. The less you work with your hair the healthier it is.

Jennifer Aniston
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We are curious how she is going to keep that color she has going on right now. Since she can't get to the salon. What we do know is that most likely she won't stray from it. As she puts it, “I’m a creature of habit. A weird creature of habit… I like Californian blonde highlights. It’s just cozy and it makes me feel better."

Honestly, we are too. We feel the exact same way about it. However, chopping off all our hair doesn't really feel like a bad idea either right now.

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