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Selena Gomez Reveals She's Been Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

Selena Gomez/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

It looks like Instagram live is the new reality t.v. for the majority of Americans. Many celebrities are taking advantage of this newfound access to their fans, and are finding fresh ways to keep them entertained. The main person who has been quite consistent with going live every few days with really interesting guests, is Miley Cyrus. From Demi Lovato, to ‘Love Is Blind’ couple Cameron and Lauren Hamilton, Miley is slowly but surely making her way towards becoming a decent host.

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Famous Guests

Selena Gomez/ Instagram

Her most famous guest as of today is Selena Gomez, which was unexpected. With her being the “Instagram Queen” it's no wonder the viewership numbers went to ridiculous levels. In fact for many watching it was comical seeing 50,000 people in the live audience initially, and then as soon as Selena popped her face into the camera it shot up to over 100,000. Now that's real influence right there. With all those eyes ready to watch you do the most minimal of tasks, why doesn't Selena go live more often?

The Irony


It is kind of ironic that Selena decided to do this with Miley considering Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber have been enjoying the app as well. Will Miley be propositioning the couple to come on too? People will just have to wait and see, but after watching this conversation between Disney royalty, you might not hunger for that. Some profound gems were dropped throughout the video, and Selena got extremely real about her mental health during this Coronavirus quarantine.

Bipolar Disorder

Gettyimages | electravk

Something fairly personal that Selena shared was that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. She didn't go into detail about which one specifically, but it's encouraging to see someone with her stature speak so openly about her own perils in life. She also spoke on her journey to being formally diagnosed which seemed like a trying time. Not to mention growing up in Texas, and from what she’s said by her own admission, the comments from her traditional family.

Social Distancing

Gettyimages | Klaus Vedfelt

By the time the interview had come to an end both parties appeared elated to have reconnected after an assumed dry spell of not speaking. One great benefit of this social distancing based lifestyle, is that there is no excuse for not speaking to those you love. Now, if you’ve got a toxic ex stuck on the brain don't succumb to those pressures. After April 30th arrives, what will happen to these iconic Instagram live shows? Will they be a remnant of the past.

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