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Tom Holland And Justin Bieber Meet For The First Time On Instagram Live

TomHollandIg/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

Can you imagine it? Spiderman in the same room as the beloved Bieber. It sounds like a weird dream. Well, for all the fangirls who couldn't previously conceive of this happening, the simulation is glitching. Just the other day Justin Bieber and Tom Holland met one another for the first time uncoventionally on Instagram live. The exchange was adorable and awkward all at the same time. From both stars angles it appeared as if their nerves were palpable, which was truly humbling.

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Awkward Conversation

Justin Bieber/ Instagram

The two on face value dont seem to have that much in common besides a ridiculous amount of fame. Their innate differences were shining through once it was time to get past the basic pleasantries of introductory conversation. Tom even had a blimp of a moment where he said out loud “this is crazy”. Does Justin Bieber still have that effect on people? Even with his mediocre album and not so anticipated comeback. Well, nostalgia is a powerful thing.

A Pop Success


One thing people can't take away from Justin is his repertoire. From around the age of 13 to 22 he had consistent hits that dominated the charts. Now, he’s reached a plateau and probably will never retain that same level of popularity ever again. But, isn't that how careers traditionally go? One day you're the hottest thing on the block, then the next you're nobody. That's why no one should allow superficial compliments, and numbers to dictate their view of success.


Gettyimages | Klaus Vedfelt

As long as you have established that confidence within that you are talented, strong, and a game changer, then you won't feel the need to appease the masses. Anyways, success truly is all about perspective. With Coronavirus snapping everyone into shape and stripping people of their jobs, along with the ability to spend time with those they love, it's as if a switch has been flipped on social priorities. So, if Justin decides tomorrow he doesn't want to be a mainstream musician, kudos to him.

Tom Holland's Charismatic Air

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Tom Holland, although now known across the pond as a household name because of ‘Spiderman’, still has managed to maintain that English state of mind. From watching five minutes of any Instagram live he’s had surrounded by his OG friends, it's clear he hasn't allowed the fame to get to his head. His ego is almost invincible in comparison to characters like Kanye West, or even Kim Kardashian. Maybe Zendaya influenced the way in which he conducts himself, if so she did a great job.

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