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Miley Cyrus Goes Live With Celebs In Instagram Series

@mileycyrus | Instagram
By Lacretia Roberts

Amid this Coronavirus pandemic, most of the nation and several places all around the world are on lock down.

People are unable to work, travel or go out to be social.

The rapidly changed norm has imposed fear and anxiety upon many people who are filled with uncertainty and confusion.

Some people have others with them, others are isolated and the only means of true connection, that is safe and possible, is through the means of social media.

Interestingly enough, the state of the world has prompted many to speak out and connect.

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@mileycyrus | Instagram

Particularly celebrities, experiencing the same level of disruption as the rest of the world, are yearning to hear from the rest of the world and connect.

Coping and normalization are now a growing trend in this foriegn manner of life that we must all resort to in order to survive and keep one another safe.

Ciara, Kevin Hart, Tamera Mowry, Tiffany Haddish, Misha Collins, and also Miley Cyrus have all taken advantage of their platform to connect with fans and talk about everything we are all experiencing together.

@eltonjohn | Instagram

For three weeks, Miley has held a dedicated talk show entitled, 'Bright Minded' where she talks with different prominent names in the music and artist community.

Miley has hosted big names including Elton John, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington, Demi Lovato and more.

In the latest episode of the series, Miley spoke with Elton John, Kerry Washington, Selena Gomez and Jimmy Falon.

Miley announced that after three weeks of doing the show, which airs Monday through Friday, she will be taking a hiatus.

@kerrywashington | Instagram

The episode opens with Miley's first guest, Elton John. He explained that he has found himself making sure to check up on friends and family during this time.

"The most important thing I'm doing is connecting with my children," he said.

He also discussed the immense amount of pressure that everyone working on the front lines of this pandemic are under at this critical time in our history.

John went on to elaborate on how everyone should focus their attention on those who are on the front lines.

Miley discussed encouraging fans to make signs for nurses and doctors to show support and love. John agreed, stating that showing them they are in our thoughts is "the greatest gift we can give them."

@selenagomez | Instagram

Miley next spoke with 'Little Fires Everywhere' actress, Kerry Washington. The two spoke about coping with anxiety, due to the abrupt shift and change ongoing in our lives.

The pair discuss how many feel we weren't given time to prepare for the severance of social connection, rather it ended suddenly, and this is one reason why so many are struggling.

Washington also discussed how our processes for coping with this situation changes every single day.

The duo continued, talking about the power of working with an all female executive team on set for LIttle Fires Everywhere.

Miley expressed her admiration for both Kerry and the show. Kerry responded by expressing her gratitude and explaining her love for being able to work with her talented team on the topic of motherhood and race.

@jimmyfalon | Instagram

Miley next met with Selena Gomez. The pair had a bit of a rocky connection but through it all they expressed how they were both genuinely happy to be connecting for this episode.

Miley explained that Selena reached out through a DM by sending the emoji of a butterfly, which was a great gesture.

The pair discussed mental health issues and how therapy helps each of them tremendously and is also something we can all benefit from in these times of high stress.

Selena went on to explain how being there for other people has been a huge help to her and it can be for others as well.

Lastly, Miley met briefly with Jimmy Falon. The pair exchanged a humorous banter along with jokes about Miley stealing Falon's production team for herself.

He commended her talk show potential and the pair also let their pups meet on camera as well.

The episode wrapped with Falon and fans enjoyed the special and unreal episode along with the entire series on Miley's Instagram page.

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