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Taylor Swift

What Is On Taylor Swift's Playlist?

Gettyimages | China News Service
By Tia Kitchens

Today, April 3, Taylor Swift kicked off SiriusXM's 'Hits 1 n chill' broadcast to help the people at home have some music playing. However, it seems that her fans have some things to say about what was on her playlist. It was really interesting to have some of the songs on the list as they are either from people she doesn't like or people who don't like her.

No, we didn't see anything from the recent feud with Kanye West which is probably the best thing.

Taylor Swift
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Swift kicked off the whole thing by playing Conan Gray’s 'Maniac'. Which we were really enjoyed listening to. However, the surprise came when the next song came on the list. Something that no one would have ever expected was that of 'Intentions' by none other than Justin Bieber.

Why is this shocking? Well, the two haven't exactly had the best relationship over the years. Swift is friends with Bieber's ex and Bieber has a fierce loyalty to the nemesis that is Scooter Braun.

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It seems this playlist was just going to keep going though. Oh it didn't stop at Bieber. No, it went right onto the song 'Adore You' by her ex Harry Styles. Which was a pretty big shock.

We wish it could say it ended there. It didn't. It kept going and a song by Joe Jonas came on. Well it is by the whole set of brothers as it is 'What's a Man Gotta Do' but it still was on the playlist. And that was something fans are calling out.

Taylor Swift
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Some fans took to twitter. “So which intern at Sirius is getting fired for playing Justin during Taylor’s hour,” one fan joked. Which we can see that as being pretty funny.

“I definitely think Taylor only picked the ones she introduces because there’s no way in hell she would’ve played a Justin song,” another fan tweeted.

This is more likely the case as they were playing fan requested songs. So really what we need to look at is the fans. Why are you all suggesting Bieber songs during Taylor's hour?

Taylor Swift
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What has Swift been doing though?

“I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, a lot of reading, a lot of watching films I’ve never seen before, but mostly I’ve been online figuring out how to help others. I am constantly being in awe of first responders, emergency workers, healthcare professionals putting themselves in danger every day by going to work. Shoutout to everyone working in the medical profession or just helping out!” She also stated that she's been doing weekly facetime calls.

She ended with “I hope you’re healthy, and I really hope you’re quarantining! Be sure to be safe, practice self-care, social distancing, self-quarantine, wash your hands lots, and check-in with your friends – we’ll get through this together!”

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