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Positive Vibes Only For Lindsay Lohan On Her Return

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By Mario Perez

A couple of days ago Lindsay Lohan orchestrated a marketing stunt through her Instagram account. The stunt involved deleting all of the pictures that she had uploaded to her account. Leaving only one small promo video that showed news scenes from previous coverage of her life.

Now, she has finally dropped her new single that she had been teasing for a number of years. The song clearly speaks of the struggles that she has had in her personal life in the past!

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Back on Instagram

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Over the past few days since she deleted everything from her account Linday has actually been posting some videos and pictures that promote her new single. Which, has since been released on Youtube.

Although her marketing strategy has been non-conventional and at times kind of feels forced. Like this mini unedited video of her promoting her new single, it has certainly worked to some degree. As Lohan's music has gotten coverage that she may not have gotten otherwise. Any publicity is good publicity!

Now to The Music Itself

Lindsay Lohan/ Instagram

The song itself is a strange mix of upbeat music with sober lyrics. You can tell that Lindsay is looking for this song to be played out in beach clubs and parties for the summer. Since her recent business ventures and overall lifestyle make it clear that she likes that kind of scene.

Also, Lohan's voice is still as unique as ever. When you hear her talk you know that it's Lindsay Lohan. Does that mean that you have to like her singing ... maybe not!

The Lyrics

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A lot of people are saying that this particular song is sort of Lindsay's way of putting that troubled past behind her. That may be true, but it can also be interpreted in a different way. One of the most significant parts of the song reads, "My life is full of ripped up pages/ I've been weak, contagious/ But I'm coming back, I'm coming back to me/ Oh, but I know that everything changes,”

In a way, it can be said she is trying to embrace those dark times and profit from them. It is not easy to do, but it may be a good way to get back on top!

Decent Reviews

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From what we were able to gather many specialized music publications have actually given out positive vibes to the new single. There is almost a feeling of support from these various outlets. This type of support that has not been always there throughout Lindsay's career. Especially in those moments when a lot of people just basically expected that she was going to mess up and she was going to be back in jail or rehab. Hopefully, this is a sing of better things to come!

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