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Drake Releases New Video For 'Tootsie Slide' Giving Fans A Tour Of His Toronto Mega-Mansion

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Marisa Roman

Rapper Drake recently released his song and video for ‘Tootsie Slide’ and in true Drake fashion, it was memorable, to say the least. Now, we all know that the 33-year-old rapper isn’t just living off his ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ residual pay, and if the personal tour of his Toronto mansion is any indication, this rapper sure is making bank. Drake gave fans an inside look into his mega-mansion in Canada in the music video and you won’t believe it when you see it.

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Drake - IG

First, it should be known that the Toronto-rapper is worth an estimated $120 million, so it isn’t too surprising that this mansion is as insane as it is. It was reported that Drake bought the home in the upscale neighborhood of Bridle Path in Toronto back in 2016 and just this year finished renovations. According to ‘Fancy Pants Homes’ the mansion sits at a whopping 35,000-square feet, surrounded by nearly 15-foot high walls on all sides. Just for that extra privacy, right?

Drake - IG

The video begins by showing the empty Toronto streets at night, seemingly during the coronavirus pandemic. The desolate businesses and storefronts are eerily chilling. Then we get a glimpse of Drake, in his home, before starting a tour of what is most likely the coolest house on the block. As Drake teaches the world how to Tootsie Slide we see where he spends a portion of his time, starting with the black and white marble foyer, and then venturing off throughout the rest of the house.

YouTube - Drake

Some of the main highlights of the video, beyond Drake’s dancing, is the epic fireplace, gigantic grand piano, floor-to-ceiling windows, a kitchen fit for royalty (did you see that marble kitchen island!?), the indoor swimming pool and hot tub, and of course an NBA regulation-size basketball court. While the video ends with a fireworks show set off from Drake’s gargantuan backyard, fans will likely still be slack-jawed at the inside of the house they just received a personal tour of.

Drake - IG

For those wondering who Drake shares his gigantic mansion with full-time, it, unfortunately, is not his son and baby momma. It turns out that Sophie Brussaux and Adonis live in Bordeaux, France, where she is from, while only spending time visiting Toronto on occasion. Drake recently revealed to the world a few photos of his son for the very first time on Instagram as well as photos of Sophie. Drake added a sweet sentiment to the caption of the photos saying, “I love and miss my beautiful family and friends and I can’t wait for the joyful day when we are all able to reunite.”

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