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Is Donald Trump Practicing Social Distancing?

Ivanka Trump/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

It would be quite hypocritical if Donald Trump as the acting President wasn't practicing the same rules and regulations that have been imposed on the majority of Americans. The precise job of a leader is to be exemplary and show that the rest of the world that this is how American’s band together, and conduct themselves during tough times. From all public accounts in relation to the announcements, and press circuits about Coronavirus, pre the last general briefing, nobody was following those exact social distancing guidelines.

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Social Distancing

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Wouldn't the assumed consensus be among citizens that if a huge pandemic has arisen, and a lot of people could contract this deadly virus, that the acting President should be protected as well? Being in a cramped room full of journalists and government officials who are standing fairly close to each other, when the ongoing theme for average Americans is to remain around six feet away from one another, sounds contradictory. Thankfully with the recent briefing there was a one seat space between reporters, but still Trump was tightly bunched with other people apart of the Coronavirus task force.

Press Briefings

Ivanka Trump/ Instagram

What must be recognized is that as humans there is no way for everyone in this country to maintain perfect separation. But, that doesn't mean people shouldn't try their best. For example, who has been out to the store this morning and forced with all their might to be a decent amount of space away from strangers, but failed miserably? That’s right, probably most people. Still, by staying home and isolated from crowds big strides are being made. This really is one of the few ways Coronavirus will die down.


Unsplash | Louis Velazquez

Aside from these Coronavirus breakdowns ‘ The White House’ puts on every other day, is Donald Trump isolating himself properly? Well, some news reports have stated that he is sufficiently barricading himself away, and has probably learned that this is the best thing to do after hearing about Prime Minister Boris Johnson contracting it, and being in the company of congressmen who had been around people who officially had the virus. It’s clear that nobody is above it, and like Governor Andrew Cuomo has said, it's the great equalizer.



Talk about being brought down to Earth, this time in solitude has become a profound lesson for all people across the globe. Whether you're young and careless, or old and analytical, time is more than just money. In fact it appears as if a lot of U.S. citizens have switched over to a socialist type of mindset. Not in a Venezuealan fashion, but more so on the side of caring for one’s fellow man. Working all day and night only to feel unfulfilled that coming weekend, isn't really worth it.

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