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Amy Adams And Jennifer Garner Harness Star Power To Keep Kids Fed And Entertained During COVID-19

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt
By Savannah Pointer

Actresses Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner are working on a project to keep kids upbeat while staying home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The pair have started an Instagram account that features various celebrities reading children’s books. Included in the lineup are Chris Pratt, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, J.J. Abrams, Kaitlyn Dever, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Evans, Eva Longoria and Hoda Kotb, among others.

Not only does the endeavor keep kids busy, but they are encouraging their viewers to make $10 donations to Save the Children and No Kid Hungry. They have reportedly already received 25,000 individual $10 donations through the program, according to Garner.

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The Campaign Began With Amy

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When Variety asked the pair how their project began, they said it was Amy who heard her daughter talking about children who were struggling due to COVID-19.

“I was picking up my daughter’s schools supplies and hearing sort of through news reports and different accounts about children in her school who were really going to be struggling during this time, and I just felt so helpless and I really wanted to do something. Someone said at this supply pickup, ‘Maybe we can read to each other’s kids online,’” Adams told Variety.

“It sparked my imagination and I thought how great would it be if we could read stories and use it as a fundraising avenue to help children who are struggling during this time with not having enough food and not having enough resources to continue their education…”

Jennifer Was Immediately On Board

Save With Stories/Instagram

“Amy called me and said someone suggested we speak because we have some of the same representatives,” Garner said. “I was at the California capital building with Gov. Newsom … I was there with [Save the Children Action Network president] Mark Shriver to talk about rural California and the poor kids there and of course it turned into talking about how was food going to get to those kids.

“So it was really top of mind when Amy called and I said, ‘I know who to call and we actually can do this.’ So we decided to partner with No Kid Hungry right away because their expertise in urban America and education, and Save the Children is more rural. The partnership has been really great because we have been able to reach kids across the country.”

It's Not Just Actors Reading To The Kids

Save With Stories/Instagram

The incredible star power that can be seen on the account was brought up during the interview and Adams was quick to say that she’s “grateful” and that she hates to “look a gift horse in the mouth” but said that its “not only actors, but religious leaders, singers, dancers. It’s been really inspiring and moving to see so many people step forward and want to help right now.”

Garner added that she has been “asking people all day every day.”

Garner Wishes She Could Kids At Risk Help Is Out There

Garner was asked what she would tell one of the kids who might be affected by hunger right now, during the worldwide pandemic when normal social channels have been turned on their heads:

“I would say we care about you and this whole community of people cares, and so do the 25,000 people who have given money just to get meals to you and so do all the people who are working so hard to make all of this happen,” Garner said. “No matter how scary the world is right now, you still really matter.”

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