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Harry Styles

Harry Styles Turns Down Having A 'Zoom' Call With One Direction

Gettyimages | Mike Marsland
By Jacob Highley

Harry Styles was recently asked on an interview with 'Hits 1' whether he would be open to doing a live 'Zoom' call with members of One Direction to give a performance.

The studio said that a performance like that would certainly cheer up fands in these trying times.

Although quite amiable in his response, Styles basically turned down the idea since he has other plans for a reunion. Many fans were delighted to hear that a reunion may happen sooner than expected.

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Styles Still Open To A Reunion

One direction on stage
Wikimedia |

As the media has covered when Styles left One Direction, the band pretty much disbanded on a positive note in March. They agreed to pursue individual projects on a 12-month hiatus from each other temporarily but eventually decided to make it permanent in 2016.

This left many fans eager for a reunion after several years. Harry has recently come into the spotlight for his recent music and is regularly featured on interviews to talk about his latest album: 'Fall Line'.

With his latest comments, it's clear he's been contemplating a reunion for some time.

Styles Has His Own Style

Harry styles
Wikimedia |

Aside from fans wanting a One Direction reunion, many have become engrossed in his interesting fashion shoots. His social media posts featuring him wearing what can only be described as a tribute to male dancers has received tens of thousands of comments along with millions of likes.

While some have commented admiration for his willingness to take risks with his image, others viewed the pictures with greater scrutiny.

'Wow. I miss your clothing that you used in one direction, that was an amazing style, this is for a girl.' - max_garciaa11 (Commenter)

Harry Rescheduled Tour For 2021


Due to the Coronavirus, Styles was forced to reschedule his Europe tour for 2021. While tickets will still be honored for the events, many fans were majorly disappointed.

There was also a lot of talk about whether the American tour would be canceled as well.

'this crap better all be over by his American tour lol. I’ll be so sad' - andreavh_24 (Commenter)

'I hope he doesn’t cancel his US tour 🥺' - meraiasunshine91 (Commenter)

'* only a matter of time until the rest is postponed :(*' - hannahmcky (Commenter)

Styles Releases Epic Music Video Before Quarantine

music video
Unsplash | Jakob Owens

One positive amidst such disappointment was Styles' release of his music video 'Falling'. Were his time table delayed even a month, we wouldn't have gotten it.

While there is talk about some private projects, most expect any further music pushed out at least until around August.

Hopefully, we will get a cool One Direction reunion before then. Many think a Zoom call would be fully sufficient to tide people over, it is a shame he doesn't feel it would be the best idea right now.

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