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Abby Lee Miller at an event for Lifetime

‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Living In A Hotel, Close To 'Homelessness'

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Ona L

Times are tough for everyone. Coronavirus is not discriminating in who it is putting the paws on. The latest celebrity to be experiencing major issues due to the virus is “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller. The dance coach gave an exclusive interview to “HollywoodLife” updating fans on her current situation and it is not looking good. Many are used to Miller’s dramatics from watching the Lifetime show but fans have to admit that this is a bit much even for Miller.

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Miller has shared that she is currently living out of a hotel while she waits for her new apartment to be built. Unfortunately, the hotel she was staying in closed and forced Miller to find a new place to lay her head. “I was living in a hotel and my hotel closed. So, they sent me to another hotel, but they gave me the wrong information. When my guys got there with all my stuff, they said that it was closed, [too].”


Things then went from bad to worse as Miller struggled to find a suitable place to stay. One that can accommodate her and her current situation. Miller is now wheelchair bound because of a spinal surgery she had in 2018. Since then she has been trying to go on with life as usual, but it is still a struggle. “I’m handicap, so it’s very difficult to feel safe, like, in a bathroom, and this and that,” said Miller. She describes it as being a “nightmare.”

Miller posing for a picture for IG

Miller seemed to be on the path to recovery in 2019 when she shared that she is learning to walk again. Unfortunately, all that is on hold for now as society is self-quarantining. She is still trying to work on that as much as possible, but more concerned with getting into her apartment. She shared it was being held up because of permits and inspections. “My apartment is brand new and it’s not expected,” shared Miller. “The city has to come and inspect it and sign off on the floor, the whole building. And they haven’t, so I can’t move in.”


She did share that she was able to secure a room but was just told that she has to leave again the next day. “I came here and I’m all good, got a great room and I have a huge terrace and it’s wonderful. But now they’re telling me I have to move tomorrow because someone who often stays here is coming into this room.” Who else didn’t know you could kick a paying customer out of a room? Besides all the mishaps, Miller is staying strong and positive. “I survived prison and the wheelchair and cancer. God is trying. He needs me for something. He keeps trying to get me and I keep scooting out of it somehow!”

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