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Here Is Kendall Jenner's Theory For Kourtney's Breakdown

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By kenadijiba

The strained relationship between Kim Kardashian, and Kourtney has always been a topic of conversation. Still, nobody ever thought the tension would result in physical violence. With only part one airing a week ago, fans were already taken aback with how swift Kim was whilst dodging Kourtney’s power jabs. Alike to when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao boxed one another, the element of surprise was not anticipated. Of course, until this more recent episode showed the extent of the quarrel.

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Although the show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ has been criticized for its blatantly obvious “fake” drama, this fight appeared to be different. The anger and tears built up in Kourtney’s eyes as she released hit after slap on Kim, couldn't have been a falsified reaction, and if so that woman deserves all the major accolades. Not to mention, Kim retained significant scratches that were bloodied, and left a makeup stain on Khloe’s white wall from when Kourtney thrusted into it like a plastic ball.

Cold Hearted Kourtney?

Kourtney Kardashian/ Instagram

What was even more interesting and appeared as quite callous on Khloe’s part, was the fact that she allowed them both to continue attacking one another even though she easily could have stopped it. Kendall wasn't absolved of blame either due to her casually lying on Khloe’s fluffy bed chuckling without a care in the world. Understandably with siblings relationships there are going to be times when it's not so naturally effortless, getting along with one another, but respect should still be an ever present theme.

Stressful Sit Down

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After the two stopped “dog walking” eachother, Kendall redirected the conversation to her and Kim. She expressed how she was confused on how the argument began with them, and then jumped started to Kourtney. They also called Kourtney’s reaction overzealous, and inappropriate for what was actually happening. Fast forward to Kourtney and Kim finally settling down, and taking a much needed trip to Armenia, and then returning home to have a stressful sit down with Khloe along with her good friends.

Scott Disick

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Pre this ‘Godfather’ esque sit down, Khloe swung over to Kendall’s mansion and Scott Disick made a dry appearance as well. Kendall threw out some reasoning behind Kourtney’s “extra” behaviour, and ended up tying it back to Scott and Kourtney’s traumatic breakup. Stating that things were probably difficult for Kourtney to digest once it was all said and done. Scott didn't necessarily agree with this, but he didn't disregard it either. Whatever is going on with Kourtney can only really be fixed by her, and with time away from the show she will hopefully find a newfound level of comfort.

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