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Ben Affleck Already Thinking About Kids With Ana de Armas?

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By Mario Perez

It has been an eventful couple of months for Ben Affleck. Yet, it seems that he is keen on moving on and doing so as fast as he can! Just about a month and a half ago the stories that were being written about him revolved around his regret over his divorce from Jennifer Garner.

This was something that was even making certain people very uncomfortable. As Garner has moved on, and her now-boyfriend was not happy Affleck was making these comments. Now, it seems Garner is fully in the past and Ben is committed to the future.

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Enter Ana de Armas

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Ana de Armas is a Cuban born actress that got her big break in Spain before making the move to Hollywood. She has appeared in a few Hollywood films over the years. Yet, it seemed that one of the most important things that she had to do was get into a high profile relationship.

Rumors surfaced about Ana getting involved with Bradley Cooper. After Cooper had broken up with Irina Shayk. A couple of weeks after those rumors surfaced she was spotted out with Affleck!

Baby Talk

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A source told UsMagazine that, "Ben loves children and loves being a dad, ... He would love to have kids with her one day."

We are not sure at this point what the couple's plans are for the future. Ben actually has 3 kids with ex Jennifer Garner. It is remarkable that nearing his 50's he would be willing to have yet another child. This may have a little bit to do with the fact that Ana 31, has not had kids of her own yet!

Together in A Movie

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The couple really can't seem to get enough of each other. Not only are they dating they actually worked together in an upcoming movie. The flick is called Deep Water. It is described as a psychological thriller. The couple are set to star alongside each other.

It is not that we want to deliberately give out spoilers, but the couple will more than likely play one in the upcoming movie. It is going to be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out on the big screen.

Upcoming Projects

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The movie that they are doing together maybe the most fun they are going to having at work this year. Yet, it is certainly not the most anticipated project that Ana or Ben will be a part of in the upcoming months. Ana is set to be the new Bond Girl in the latest 007 film.

While Ben is very invested in his movie "The Way Back". A story about a former basketball player trying to seek some redemption by coaching kids!

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