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Jeff Bezos Donates $100 Million to Feeding America Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

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By Zachary Holt

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc throughout the world, countless people are being left without the means to provide meals for themselves and their families. To help get food to people, numerous food banks have been stretched thin as they continue to exhaust all of their resources. Well, help is on the way. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, just announced that he has donated $100 million to Feeding America, a charitable hunger-relief organization that helps local food banks build up stock for those in need.

Bezos Explains Food Insecurities Are Affecting American Households

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On Thursday, the richest man in the world took to his Instagram profile to make the announcement. In the social media post, Bezos explained that food insecurities are causing widespread problems that are being exacerbated by shortages.

"Even in ordinary times, food insecurity in American households is an important problem, and unfortunately COVID-19 is amplifying that stress significantly," Bezos wrote on Instagram. The Amazon founder went on to explain that many of the food banks in the country rely on other sources for their food donations, which are currently closed due to governmental restrictions.

'To Make Matters Worse, As Supply Is Dwindling, Demand For Food Bank Services Is Going Up...'

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Bezos explained that local food banks depend on restaurants to donate their surplus food items or those that aren't utilized. With restaurants throughout the country closed due to government restrictions, those sources of food aren't pouring into local food banks, resulting in shortages.

"To make matters worse, as supply is dwindling, demand for food bank services is going up," he continued in the post. "Today, I want to support those on the front lines at our nation’s food banks and those who are relying on them for food with a $100 million gift to @FeedingAmerica."

Feeding America Will Distribute $100 Million to National Food Bank Network

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Bezos then went on to explain that Feeding America would 'quickly' distribute the donation to the national network of food banks and food pantries, which in turn, would be able to generate food to give to those who are unable to purchase any as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Feeding America is the largest non-profit focused on food security. Millions of Americans are turning to food banks during this time. If you want to help, the link to Feeding America is in my bio. They’d be excited and grateful for donations of any size," Bezos concluded in his Instagram post.

Bezos Joins Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as People Who Have Donated Large Sums to Feeding America

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Since the coronavirus outbreak has been taking hold throughout the world, Feeding America has been spearheading getting supplies to local food banks around the country. They've been able to do this, thanks in part to the massive donations from Jeff Bezos and others, like actor Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, who donated $1 million. Ben Affleck has also donated to the organization, although the amount was not disclosed.

Feeding America's most updated numbers on their website reveal that there are currently 37 million people in the country, 11 million of whom are children, who are going hungry, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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