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Jimmy Fallon & Lady Gaga Share an Awkward Interview Moment

Gettyimages | NBC
By Brooklyn Denton

The effects of the coronavirus outbreak and the mandate for social distancing has caused a lot of productions to get creative with virtual iterations of their initiatives. Concert series have gone digital. Conferences have gone digital. And late night hosts have been taking primetime to the online world as well with "at home" renditions of their popular teleivision broadcasts.

One such host is Jimmy Fallon who has been doing at home editions of The Tonight Show by conducting monologues at home and interviews through FaceTime.

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For his Wednesday (April 1) show this week, he had a pretty high-profile guest lined up. The exceptionally talented Lady Gaga. Fallon went through the programming for his show as usual, spotlighting his charity partnership with State Farm and Red Cross, his monologue, and then his interview.

Apparently, though agreeing to be a guest on the show that day, Gaga didn't quite get the memo because what ensued was one of the most awkward conversations we've seen in a while.

The pop vocalist was everywhere but present during the brief FaceTime call as she bounced between conversations amongst her and Fallon, as well as her and her assistants. Despite Fallon calling in and picking up the phone to connect with him, she didn't seem to be fully aware that she was on television.

To be fair, in the very brief duration of the FaceTime call, the distracted Gaga did seem like she was juggling many things as phones could be heard ringing in the background.

"I just can’t talk right now," she told an excited yet confused Fallon.

His expression was a far cry from the enthusiastic grin he wore at the start of their call. After noting that the call was connecting, he exclaimed, "Hi! Lady Gaga!"

He then turned his phone to the camera so that we could see Lady Gaga who looked smart, sexy, and cool with her hair pulled back, a simple red lip, and thick-framed black glasses. "Hi everyone," she said in response.

Perhaps Fallon could sense that things felt a little "off" because he then quickly tried to segue the conversation to the topic at hand, the announcement the pop star had for his audience. "You have a big, maybe announcement you’re going to say tonight on our show?"

"I can’t Jimmy. I, uh, can’t talk right now. I’m sorry. It’s just a really, really weird time. Hello? Jimmy I can’t see you. Am I on TV?" she asked the late night host.

"Yeah, you're on TV," he answered. "I apologize."

As she picked up a call to instruct her assistant to push a call back by one minute, Fallon still continued to try to salvage the call and Gaga's subsequent announcement that would be exclusive to his show. She did eventually allude that it would be about COVID-19 but requested that Fallon give her a call back on Friday (April 3) because it'd be better for her.

"I cant..I can’t tell you everything right now because I’m still ironing out the details and I have a lot of phone calls to make," she explained before apologizing for the incovenience she caused.

Fallon has since said the "Bad Romance" singer has actually rescheduled their interview to Monday (April 6). We can't wait to hear her exciting news!

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