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Jimmy Fallon and Lady Gaga facetiming

Lady Gaga Has The Most Awkward Interview With Jimmy Fallon: 'It’s Just A Really, Really Weird Time'

Via "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Youtube
By Jacob Highley

Boy oh boy has this week been a firecracker for celebrities. Between pregnancy updates, weird pictures, and funny videos while people are staying home, there seems no end in sight to our regular intake of media oddities.

That being said, some of the content being posted is simply bizarre. Jimmy Fallon recently had Lady Gaga 'Facetiming' him while in self-quarantine for an interview. Apparently, there was some 'news' she was to reveal in regards to the Coronavirus.

But apparently Lady Gaga was in the middle of numerous phone calls and was totally distracted. The end result, pure gold.

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Lady Gaga Has Done This Before

Lady Gaga
Wikimedia |

Did you see that one video where a celebrity got on The Ellen Degeneres Show to make a surprise appearance? The one where she came on the show to make 'an announcement'. To everyone's surprise, the announcement was... that she had an announcement.

I'm not kidding. Ellen was so taken back by it that she didn't quite know how to respond.

Sometimes fans have worried for Lady Gaga in the past due to how odd she behaves at times. This is one of those moments where fans have started to be a little worried.

The News Is All Over It!

Giphy | Outside TV

The news is having a heyday over this. No only because people are curious about the news Gaga was going to reveal, but also because their exchange was so bizarre. Look at Jimmy's face after Gaga says she needs to reschedule.

It's like showing up in someone's studio and then being told they have an appointment they forgot about. "Well, sorry Jimmy I guess your audience will just have to come back another day to see a celebrity interview."

Jimmy: "You know that's not how this works right?"

(I'm just messing around btw, I know Jimmy took all of this in stride)

People Making Memes About It, April Fools Maybe?

woman holding funny baloons
Unsplash | Lidya Nada

As if on cue, people have already started making memes out of the interview. From callbacks to previous odd moments to classic videos and pictures, the internet is already filling up with ingenious displays of meme culture.

Well, at least in America, I hear it's illegal in the UK. (RIP British Memes)

Anyhoo, people loved this weird interview and couldn't help but share their thoughts:

"Why were her glasses upside down 😆" - Cristal Quintana (Commenter)

"IS THIS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE?" - Nyna Germanotta (Commenter)

Jimmy Donated Meals

jimmy fallon
Wikimedia |

Man, even I have to wonder if that was just one big prank or something. I also noticed Lady Gaga's glasses were upside down which made me wonder if she was pranking everyone.

Oh well, I guess we'll find out on... Monday?

In other news, Jimmy posted saying that he has donated meals to help relief efforts for families impacted negatively by the Coronavirus.

I'm happy to see more and more people doing what they can to donate to worthy causes. I know Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, and many others have been actively contributing resources to charitable organizations.

For even crazier news like Madonna Naked In The Bathtub talking about Covid-19, click here, do it and I'll fix your upside-down glasses for free. 🤣

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