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Zac Efron looks amazing at the Tribeca Film Festival Westin a black suit.

Zac Efron Says He Learned A Lesson From Leonardo DiCaprio On Fame

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When writers encounter a writer’s block, they either go out to clear their heads, or call someone that can give them the advice they want to hear. The same thing happens in the film industry. While a writer deals with personal stress, an actor or actress deals with fame stress. Although they are both distinctive, but it takes someone somewhere to say something beautiful and they’ll be able to move forward.

If there is one thing to take into note, it is that the stress will come, what matters is how you respond to it.

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Zac Efron looks breath-taking in his signature blonde hairstyle and his smile is infectious.
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There are several actors in Hollywood that gave in or have given in to the stress they feel. Some of them fell off the wagon and had to quit acting, while others are still confused about where they are going presently.

However, if they could speak to someone about the way they were feeling, there is a good chance that their issues would have been resolved. The fame will always come and it is up to you to work around it or make it stop completely.

Leonardo DiCaprio looks stunning on a red carpet and he has on a black suit with an inner white T-shirt.
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Just like many you g actors in the game, Zac Efron got his fair taste of what it meant to be famous and as the stress was kicking in, he sought advice from another actor.

Efron revealed that he was faced with stress and anxiety as reporters and paparazzis were always following him wherever he went and it felt like he did not have a life of his own. Fortunately for him, instead of backing out or giving into the pressure, he decided to seek refuge and guidance with Leonardo DiCaprio.

A photo of Leonardo DiCaprio dressed in suit and pant to match as he addresses an audience.
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Efron asked DiCaprio the best way he could cope with his newfound fame and the answer given to him was simple, yet intense.

DiCaprio went on to reveal to Efron that he also faced a worse scenario when he became famous. To help lighten the mood up, DiCaprio invited the young actor to his home for a meal and Efron accepted.

When he got to DiCaprio’s home, they tried to have waffles, which ended up burnt and later, they settled for pancakes.

Zac Efron looks amazing as he is captured on camera staring into space.
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Many years later, we can say that DiCaprio’s advice to Efron really paid off as the actor has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Yea! He may still have those struggles, but he’s working around it and it is amazing.

The “High School Musical” Star actor got romantically involved with his love interest in the movie known as Vanessa Hudgens. However, they split up in 2010.

He also began dating a model, Sami Miró in 2014, but the duo split up two years later.

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