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The Interview With Sean Payton You Need To Hear If You Want More Information About COVID-19 & Sports

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By Mario Perez

Very rarely do sports figures say things to the media that can be considered relevant for any audience. In fact, non-sports fans may not have wanted to click on this article.

The truth is, a recent conversation between sports TV and radio personality, Rich Eisen and Saints Head Coach Sean Payton had a lot of information that could help people understand COVID-19. As well as, figure out what is being done to help combat the virus. As vaccines are yet to be developed against the virus.

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The Sports Talk

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The thing with the interview is that a lot of the COVID-19 talk is basically spaced out in between a lot of sports and football talk. The best thing that can be done to save you some time is to sum it up! Basically, Payton mentions that he is excited to have Tom Brady in his own division. He also has a former player of his Teddy Bridgewater as the quarterback of Carolina. Another team within his same division. That NFC south is going to be an interesting watch.

Horse Racing Is Still Going On

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If you are someone who likes to bet on sports and this time has been very difficult for you this is news that you may be interested in. Some horse racing events are still going at this point. This is something that was discussed by Payton and Eisen in the interview.

The qualifying events for the big horse racing events of the year like the Kentucky Derby are still taking place. So, that is something that you could look into during this quarantine time.

Using Payton's Blood

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As was mentioned before, Sean Payton is a COVID-19 survivor. That is why he is a bit more authorized to talk about the disease compared to the average Joe. Even though, he is not technically a doctor. In any case, he mentioned that he had been told by doctors that his blood may be used to try and create a vaccine to combat the virus.

Another thing that he mentioned was that he was officially cleared. To the point where he is said to no longer be able to pass on the virus!

Flattening The Curve

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This is something that you have probably heard more than a few times already. The way that Payton explains it though is very simple. The idea is to slow the spread of the virus so that hospitals are able to deal with fewer sick patients at any one time.

Although, it is hard to really see that social distancing is working. Due to the fact that the number of cases keeps growing. We will hopefully see some better news in the next couple of days.

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