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Cast of the Cheetah girls posing for a photo.

From 3LW Drama to The Cheetah Girls Cat Fights, Who is the Common Factor?

Gettyimages | Matthew Peyton
By Chrystal Denise

These cats still have claws apparently. The girls are finally speaking out about what went wrong and why they went from "See you on set!" to "When I see you it's on sight!" Let's get the tea honey because personally I want to know why we were cheated out of that last Cheetah Girls: One World movie because they wrote Raven off. It could have been have been great, it had potential but we all know a key component was missing and lets find out why!

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Raven Symone dressed in a yellow ensemble
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The pot has been stirred! Recently a video going around with Raven on The View speaking highly of her Cheetah Girl stage mom, Lynn Whitfield, but not at the expense of shading her other co-stars. Raven expressed that there was tension in the group on set of Cheetah girls 2 and how she almost threw hands in Spain. Not actually naming who was the pit of it all. Although we fans may have a pretty good theory of who may have been the assailant(s).


Picture of singer and actress Kiely Williams
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After Raven's video went viral, fans were quick to point the fingers. Kiely took to social media, Instagram Live to be exact, to set the record straight! Although it may seem she was referring just to a certain 3LW fall out. She specifically called out Adrienne for being a phony friend. Kiely claims they were best friends or so she thought, now she begs to differ and wants to bring Adrienne's shady ways to the spotlight since they've been throwing one another under the bus for the Naturi situation.


Adrienne Bailon posing at a photoshoot
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Adrienne is yet to respond to the accusations Kiely made in her live. With her being a talk show host and all we can assume she would have a lot to say. Although, this may be very on brand for Adrienne, staying silent while all things hit the fan it certainly isn't the first. Even if Adrienne wasn't the sole conspirator against Naturi, she definitely failed to defend her but eventually apologized for it when Naturi came on her show.


Naturi posing at an event
Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

Although Naturi is not a cheetah girl, she is a key factor in figuring out what or who went wrong between both groups. Naturi accused her other members of conspiring against her because she was of a darker complexion. Essentially deeming Kiely and Adrienne the mean girls. Adrienne apologized to Naturi with hopes to let bygones be bygones, but it seems Kiely wasn't completely letting her off the hook. Get this Kiely finally admitted to throwing the chicken, and she is very unapologetic because she claims Naturi talked about her mom. Kiely may have been the root of the cause for both groups dismantling but we won't ignore the part that Adrienne may have played.

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