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Ciara Goes Live With Fans On Instagram For Women's Wednesdays

@ciara | Instagram
By Lacretia Roberts

More and more celebrities have been taking advantage of the quarantine time, doing new things live on social media.

While stay home orders have been extended and more businesses are closing rapidly, it has become a challenge for families to remain stimulated, and amicable while limited to their homes.

Celebrities like Ciara and her husband Russ were among some of the first to begin live videos, reaching out to fans to connect and discuss all that is currently going on in our world.

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@ciara | Instagram

Ciara and Russ used their first live to open up to fans about their marriage, first date, first kiss and how they met.

Unscripted or directed, the couple offered an authentic view of their home life in their own way. Fans learned that Ciara is very mild, shy at times, loving and sentimental.

In the couple's live video, they present themselves as normal individuals who are experiencing the exact same circumstances as the rest of the nation. Their live video also included a brief segment with star, Lala Vasquez.

@ciara | Instagram

This Wednesday however, Ciara decided to introduce her new series, Women's Wednesday, in which she intends to host weekly live video sessions, talking with fans about various 'girl talk' and other topics.

In her first episode the star posed questions to the audience to learn how they feel about being quarantined with spouses.

To help her discuss the first question, Ciara picked one lucky fan to go live and discuss things with her.

She jokingly advised that fans try to be ready to be on camera and talk openly with her.

@ciara | Instagram

Ciara spoke with 4 different women during the first live, and she learned that plenty of fans are enjoying the time with their spouses for the most part. Others, like her third fan, who connected from London, are out of work while their spouses are still being required to go out amid the chaos of all that's transpiring.

Ciara was gentle, graceful and sympathetic to each and every fan's plight and situation.

She learned that in this difficult time, most are just happy if they can be with their spouse or family for whatever time they have and if they need a break, separate rooms, reading and more are go to relief options.

@ciara | Instagram

The second question Ciara posed was, how are people practicing self care during this time? Most fans responded by saying they are doing various things such as taking long bubble baths, excercises, hair washing, playing games, using zoom with friends and more.

She posed one final question to fans, asking, what is your new normal?

The final fan to go live, named Princess was from Arkansas. She explained how her new norm involves home schooling and calling her husband who still works so the pair can support their 5 year old who was diagnosed with diabetes.

After sharing to fans that her real middle name is also Princess, Ciara offered prayers love and support to her namesake with the same graceful demeanor fans have recently come to see.

Fans can tune in on Wednesdays to see new episodes and have a chance to talk live.

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