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Kim Kardashian

Is Kim Kardashian Serious about Going to Law School?

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By Robert Safir

Is Kim Kardashian serious about going to law school? Is she actually going to law school? The answer is not a yes or no - it's more complicated than that.

Kim Kardashian is pursuing a law degree – and she can achieve that goal in California without having to go to law school. There are four states, California being one of them, that do not require a law degree in order to take the bar exam. Those that want to take the bar exam have the opportunity to complete apprenticeships with practicing attorneys and then take the test.

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The California Bar is one of Hardest

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Shawn Holley, who is Kim’s own attorney, commented on the TODAY Show that "It's not something to get attention. This is a true and authentic interest that she has had and a commitment to taking it to the next level."

Savannah Guthrie, who is a TODAY Show anchor and who passed the bar in Arizona herself, knows that preparing for the exam requires a lot of work.

"California's bar is reputed to be one of the hardest,'' she said on The TODAY Show. “The bar exam is very hard. You have to memorize a lot of law. It's multiple choice, and it's an essay portion, so I say that if she can pass that bar, then she deserves to be an attorney."

When Punishment Doesn’t Fit the Crime

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Her interest in law gained traction after a successful campaign in which she lobbied President Trump for the release of Alice Marie Johnson. She had served over 21 years in prison for charges related to drug possession and money laundering. When Kim brought attention to her plight, President Trump commuted her life sentence after meeting with her and Kim Kardashian.

The overarching theme of Kardashian’s efforts is to find cases in which the punishment does not meet the crime. Many non-violent crimes are subject to high and unrealistic prison sentences. Of those, a great portion is committed by women who are the victims of domestic violence. When they’ve reached their limit, these women sometimes resort to killing their spouse in order to end their own pain. It’s only been in very recent years that empathy and understanding of these women’s struggles have resulted in revising their prison sentences to more reasonable lengths, and in some cases, getting the sentence commuted altogether.

The First Step Act

Kardashian, Trump, Alice Johnson, & others
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Kardashian has gone on to take on other cases as well. A former inmate, Matthew Charles, was released under the First Step Act, which was signed by President Trump after Kim visited the white house to champion the law. It is designed to ease mandatory drug sentences, a crime that fills up way too many prison cells and is usually victimless crimes that end in long prison sentences. Kardashian also decided to pay five years’ worth of rent for Matthew Charles.

Kim, Kanye, and Trump

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Judging by everything that Kim Kardashian is doing and by all the long hours she is investing in it, one can only conclude that she indeed is serious about going to law school (but remember, without the school). The part of Kim’s journey that deserves to be looked at is not her motivation, but that of President Trump. Trump has faced an ongoing battle to “prove” that he’s not a racist. Some of his actions and many words have convinced a lot of people that he has problems with minorities.

An opportunity to erase that image came up when President Trump was approached by Kardashian for help with the release of Alice Marie Johnson. If you ask yourself, what are the odds that Trump would have done this on his own volition, the answer becomes very apparent. He also has plenty of photo ops, not just with Kim, but with Kanye West as well. The negative racist image starts to lessen with President Trump barely lifting a finger. It’s a match made in celebrity heaven.

Kim Kardashian will likely earn a law degree eventually. It helps to know people in high places, and she will surely benefit from the excellent coaching she’s getting on the way to taking the bar. So to be fair, the naysayers should leave her to her own devices and direct their pessimism where it really belongs. And that’s a location on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

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