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Here Is Why Logan Lerman Keeps Trending On Twitter

Gettyimages | Fred Hayes
By kenadijiba

Is this 2015? Has Perks Of Being A Wallflower just dropped? Why is Logan Lerman trending on Twitter randomly? Well, my friends due to quarantine’s effect on everyone's mental health, it's difficult for anyone to focus on anything. In fact the memes that have come out of 2020 are undefeated. This generation's way of coping with dire situations is really perplexing. You would think fear would cloud all of our brains whilst typing out posts on social media, but self deprecating humor takes the damn cake.

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"White Boy Of The Year"

Logan Lerman/ Instagram

Now, if any of you have a past connected to being a fangirl or a fanboy, then you are well versed on the elite title of “white boy of the month”. Some notable inductions to the hall of fame include Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet, and Ezra Miller. To be a part of this pristine club said person must be unproblematic, attractive, and slightly relatable. But, to be honest this is a fairly new phenomenon. It all kind of began with the O.G., Logan Lerman.

Put Respect On His Name

Logan Lerman/ Instagram

Logan Lerman deserves all the props when it comes to being the leader of this shiny flock. We all can remember a time when Logan was everyone's die hard crush. No matter if you were a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx, or a Caucasian from the middle of Indiana, he was always the ultimate equalizer. After he left the game of acting for what has felt like a century, a lot of people forgot about him, and had to grow up.


Giphy | Chelsea Handler

The next supreme in line was Harry Styles. To this day he hangs high on the totem pole and can do no wrong in many people's eyes. But, is Logan on his way to reclaiming the dusty throne? Will Timothee Chalamet be quaking in his boots over Logan's highly anticipated comeback. The career Chalamet has is what Logan was on the path to solidifying. Not saying Logan isn't distinguished concerning his own accomplishments, but he had the opportunity in his hayday to be Oscar nominated.

Charismatic Kings

Gettyimages | Lisa Maree Williams

Could fans handle having to choose between two awkward, adorable, and charismatic movie stars? These are the hard lined questions that we are facing as a society right now. In reality it's not that serious, hopefully with his debut hitting old heads like a wrecking ball Logan will finally use up all his talents and become the entertainment boss we all know he can. Besides, during this quarantine we need something to look forward to, Logan please give us hope.

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