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Has Donald Trump Changed His Tone On Coronavirus?

Donald Trump/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

To the surprise of those who have been critical of President Trump for how he’s combatted the Coronavirus, his last press conference was quite the turn around. Whilst answering in depth questions about our situation here in the U.S., citizens got a lot of the emotional response that he was accused of lacking only weeks before. His acknowledgement of Corona being an insidious virus that will inevitably take the lives of thousands, was exactly what the American people craved.

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A Change Of Heart

Donald Trump/ Instagram

Why Trump felt compelled to change gears so quickly is probably all connected to the intelligent medical professionals he has surrounding him. Dr. Fauci has been the superhero we all never knew we needed, and hopefully he’s getting the respect and the much deserved rest in order to go out and feed the American people the facts. Vice President Pence also made a few comments during the conference, as well as an interview that were a tad confusing. When the subject of China came up, everyone was at a loss for words.

President Xi Jinping

Gettyimages | Pool

One journalist asked a question relayed back to whether the stats coming out of China were valid. Immediately Trump left the podium and some other official answered the question with a simple no. Trump seconded that and said that they just aren't sure of what China is releasing. He did make sure to say that he and President Xi Jinping are working together and continuously speaking on the issue of this growing pandemic. If the data from China is verifiable, maybe they can help the rest of the world fight this.

Major Moves


It would be nice to know for sure where this virus came from without question. All of this definitely had to do with the consumption of some animal that was infected, but what are the genuine facts. Although Coronavirus has been a painful time in history for this generation, it's also been beneficial for the planet. Not to mention since this has happened there's been a ban on eating certain animals in other countries which will in turn help with global warming.

Is Trump Scared?

Unsplash | Melanie Wasser

Some assessments that came soon after Trump aired the Coronavirus briefing were that he looked more serious, and scared to the brim, than he ever has been. From the tone of his voice to his mannerisms, it's clear he now realizes the toll this all could have on human lives. The economy is also at recession levels, dare we say reaching a depression era. After April 30th arrives there will be a second, and a third boulder every American will have to stomp through.

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